Zip Lining in St. Thomas [Complete Guide 2023]

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St. Thomas is known for its beautiful beaches and its water sports. But did you know it also has tropical rainforests, making it perfect to zip line through the treetops?

Zip lining can be a thrill and an adrenaline rush, and if it’s been on your bucket list to do it in St. Thomas, you’re in the right place. We’ll tell you everything that you need to know about zip lining in beautiful St. Thomas.

Zip Lining in St. Thomas [Complete Guide 2023]

st Thomas zipline experience

What is a zip line?

A zip line is a structure that’s made out of steel cable that is extended from a starting point to an endpoint. Typically, the starting point is higher than the endpoint. The reason for this is that people will need to gain traction to get to the endpoint.

People are normally hooked to a steel cable with a safety harness, and because of gravity, descend their way down to the endpoint.

How does the zip line experience work in St. Thomas?

How does the zip line experience work in St. Thomas

If you are an adventurous soul visiting St. Thomas, do not miss this amazing adventure. In St. Thomas, for a fee, you can be picked up from your accommodations to go to Tree Limim for your zip-lining experience.

The zip line route is normally a circular route, and you’ll have to complete it in order to get back to the base. When you arrive, a safety briefing will be given and you will receive the following equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Zipline Set (pulley, carabiners, safety lanyard)
  • Zipline Safety Harness

When you’re ready, the providers at Tree Limin will take you and the group to the van to the starting point, which is on top of St. Peter’s mountain.

Climb up the platform and get hooked by the guide, and off you go! When you reach the next platform, you stop, get unhooked, and repeat until you get back to the base!

When it’s over, of course, you’ll want to ensure that you have transportation that can take you back to your St. Thomas’ accommodations, wherever it may be on the island. Keep in mind some services may not take credit cards, so have cash on hand if you need a ride.

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Where do I go for my zip line experience in St. Thomas?

best zip line experience in St. Thomas

Currently, Tree Limin is the only company that offers thrilling zipline tours in St. Thomas. They will provide everything that you need to go zip lining, such as a safety harness, helmet, etc. Here is more information about this company:

Tree Limin

This is the only zip-lining company that provides zip-lining tours in St. Thomas. This company has 6 zip lines that you can try on your 2-2.5 hour tour.

They will give you all the gear, and they will have guides with you from the first zip line platform to the other platform where you get off. At the end of the tour, you can choose to buy something from the gift shop before you go back to your accommodations!

About Tree Limin’s Zip Line Experience

Tree Limin Zip Line Experience

Tree Limin is the only company in St. Thomas that provides zip line tours. With over 400 reviews, it’s a trusted company for zip lining. Not only do they take safety seriously, but they’ll make sure that you’ll have the time of your life zip-lining.

Tree Linmin’s zip line tour takes 2 to 2 and a half hours. This means hours of exhilarating fun on 6 zip lines and 8 platforms.

To get to the starting point, you get to ride in the Pinzgauer, which is an authentic Swiss army vehicle. You get taken to the top of St. Peter’s Mountain, where you can see Magen’s Bay, Jost Van Dyke, Tortola, and more!

The staff and guides are super friendly and entertaining and will walk you through the safety guidelines. This includes setting up, how to slow down, etc.

Of course, being in the jungle, you’ll want to wear appropriate clothing for this experience. This means no open-toed shoes and such. You’ll need sunscreen and bug spray to ensure that you’re okay.

You may see some wildlife during this zip line experience such as birds and pelicans as you zip through the rainforest.

If you’ve been wondering if this company is family-friendly, you’ll be happy to hear that thousands of families have zip lined together. In fact, there is a tandem zip line that you and your child can go on.

Keep in mind that your child must at least be 5 years old to go on the zipline with an adult. If your child would like to go alone, they need to weigh at least 70 pounds and be 8 years or older to ride.

You can also go on a tandem with your significant other or friend, as long as the weight doesn’t exceed 275 pounds. This can be a fun way of experiencing the magnificent views of St.Thomas together!

You’ll need to make a reservation at Tree Limin’s because, as you already know, it’s the only zip line experience in St. Thomas. So it will be important to book as soon as you can so that you and/or your family can add this zip-lining experience to the bucket list!

Keep in mind that Tree Limin will only go out if there’s a group of 10. If there is less than that, the tour will not happen. No one gets left behind as the staff makes sure that you are with the group at all times during the zip-lining tour!

What if you are afraid of heights?

You can still go zip-lining if you’d like, even if you are scared! It may be an opportunity for you to face your fears. The guides will be on deck to make sure that nothing goes wrong and there’s no chance of the zip line breaking.

If you can’t find yourself going on the zipline tour, you’re welcome to hang back at the gift shop and walk around the area while the tour does the ziplining.

Are you interested in going zip lining in beautiful St. Thomas? Head on over to Tree Limin’s website and book your adventure today!

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