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Hello there! Hello and welcome to gohitchhiking.com. We are Aditya and Chetan, two best friends who share a love of books, movies, music, history, nature, and, most importantly, a desire to explore our beautiful and wonderful world.

Before I get into how and why we started this website, please allow me to give a brief introduction to ourselves.

Where did it all start?
There comes a point in your life when everything appears to be going ‘normally.’ Life is such a mystery; one moment you appear to have figured it all out, and the next everything appears to fall apart.

It was a similar time after we graduated and obtained positions in a well-known multinational corporation

What more could we have wanted? We knew how difficult it was to get a job after graduating together, but here we were with joining letters from our respective companies.

A few days into our respective jobs, we began to question the direction we were taking in our lives. We had everything? A good degree, a good job, a decent salary, and a future that appeared ‘bright’ at first glance.

We suddenly felt like we were missing out on something only a few months into our jobs, and what we were missing out on was life itself.

Every month, every day, and every moment of our lives felt like hell. It was like hitting rock bottom in our careers just as they were taking off.

For all the ‘security’ and ‘safety’ that a job provides, it kills your soul day by day, moment by moment, until you make peace with what society thinks is best for you.

Our frustration had reached a breaking point. Going through the same monotonous hell day day in and day out, hoping for a monthly salary and a pension after our retirement. A once-a-year vacation is what life is all about. To us, suicide is a slower version.

We decided that was not how we wanted to live our lives even we if we had to take more riskier decisions in our lives. With no plans as what exactly to do in future we quit our jobs with some uncertainties about our future but overall a big relief on our faces.

We both knew that we both loved and passionately wanted to try something on our own, a space where we can enjoy and grow our creativity every day.

One thing that we were surely certain about was our intense desire to experience and explore this beautiful world. We just didn’t know how to find a way to do it?

This newfound inspiration and perspective changed how to live my life. We finally broke free of the cage of rut and monotony and lost into a world full of adventures, challenges, and fun.

We have been to 30 countries so far, and our journey has been a dream ride so far. We started this website to share our budget-travel experiences and stories so other people can find their inspiration to travel.

We like to travel on a low budget. I think that’s how it should be. Traveling on a low budget pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you work hard for things you want.

Another reason why we travel on a low budget is that we get a chance to be near the local people of the country we travel to get an authentic experience of their culture.

I hope you love and share our blogs and find them helpful in planning your budget trips. Till then, Sayonara!