Is South Padre Island worth visiting? 7 Reasons Why We Say Yes!!

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There you are, huddled up in blankets, wishing for winter to hurry up and leave. You sit next to the fire, pretending the warmth on your face is actually from the sun, and you are on a beach instead of on your couch. Then it hits you: you can actually make that happen! You can book a trip…to…THE BEACH. YAAAASSSS.

But now, you’ve found yourself wondering which beach is the best beach. Something a little bit off the beaten path of trendy vacation spots. But something that still offers options and variety.

“Hmm…what about South Padre Island?”, you ask yourself. “I wonder if it is worth visiting?”

Wonder no more, friend, because the answer is a resounding “Yes!”. Read on to learn about seven of the fabulous reasons to visit South Padre Island.

Is South Padre Island worth visiting? 7 Reasons Why We Say Yes!!

Beautiful Beaches

South Padre Island beaches

Of course, the best thing that makes it “worth it” to visit South Padre Island is its spectacular beaches! You see, South Padre Island is what some people call the ‘only tropical island” of Texas. And that is for good reason: it is just a few latitudinal degrees north of the Tropic of Cancer.

Beaches on South Padre Island are known for their sparkling blue waters and soft-powdery sand. Water is also calm, clear, and warm year-round on South padre island, which makes it an ideal beach destination for families with little kids.

Aside from that South padre island features a diverse range of beaches that suits every person. For example, if you are looking for a lively beach with a wide range of activities to do then Isla Blanca beach is the best option for you on the island.

On the other hand, if you are looking for relaxing and secluded beaches then Barracuda cove beach and North access beach are better options. In other words, South padre island has one of the best beaches that you will find off the coast of Texas.

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Exciting Outdoor Activities

South padre island activities

This island really does have something for everyone, especially when it comes to things to do outside. From a laid-back game of golf to things that will excite an adrenaline junky, South Padres island has it all. In other words, there is no shortage of things to do on South Padre Island.

The Island Adventure Park has horseback riding, go-karts, and mini golf. They offer parasailing over the Gulf of Mexico and banana boat rides. They boast a full line of massage treatments (hot stone, prenatal, Shiatsu, Swedish…you name it). And they also have what may be the coolest zip-line system known to man.

The owners Doyle and Dolores Wells, are avid zippers themselves, and take great pride in their facilities. Their zip line system has a state-of-the-art, hands-free braking system. That means that your hands won’t get tired during your hour of UNLIMITED zips.

That’s right, you pay for a time slot, not a set number of trips across the line. As best put by Mr. Wells himself, “an hour of speed zipping here is an experience not
attainable anywhere else.”

There is also Beach Park at La Isla Blanca. This site offers spaces for weddings and meetings and is the home of the South Padre Island Golf Club. It also houses a water park (which was originally opened under the Schlitterbahn name), with fun attractions for the whole family.

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The Sea Turtles

South Padre Island is home to Sea Turtle, Inc., a non-profit organization whose mission is to “Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Release Injured Sea Turtles“.

Founded in 1977 by Ila Fox Loetscher, also endearingly referred to as “The Turtle Lady of South Padre Island”, they take in injured or sick sea turtles and nurse them back to health, before releasing them back into the wild. If a turtle is deemed non-releasable, the facility takes them in as permanent residents.

One of their most famous residents is an Atlantic Green named Allison. She is the proud owner and user of the world’s first successful prosthetic flipper and has been featured by Discovery Chanel, as well as National Geographic.

If you do nothing else while you’re there, stopping in to meet Allison and the other residents at Sea Turtle Inc. makes it worth visiting South Padre Island.

Dolphin-watching Tours

South Padre Island dolphin watching tour

If you’re interested in marine life and conservatorship, why stop at the sea turtles? The Texas coast also happens to be the home of several large pods of dolphins. To match, there are several companies offering dolphin-watching tours, with an option for every budget.

While some of these are purely for sightseeing pleasure–like a cruise at sunset–others include a light lesson on marine ecology and conservatorship, where the crew drags a small net and then educates the passengers of any marine life caught in the net, before safely releasing it back to sea.

The Art

Art is an important part of the culture on South Padre Island, and is, indeed a very worthy reason to visit. The locals seem to truly value the richness art can add to the quality of daily life, and this is made evident through the many permanent sculptures and art pieces throughout the city.

There is a plethora of art galleries on the Island, some of which even offer various art classes, from drawing to metal sculpting. The variety of artistic mediums employed by the local artists provides something for every taste, and for locals and visitors alike to enjoy.

A quick stop at the Visitor’s Center will gain you a copy of the South Padre Island Art Trails map, which details the locations of all statues along Sea Turtle Art Trail (eleven in all) and Sandcastle Trail (thirty in all, as of summer of 2022), along with information about the local art scene, including Art Fest.

Art Fest is usually held in June, and features work from upwards of 40 artists from the Rio Grand Valley, along with live music and an outdoor market.

The Sandcastles


South Padre Island just so happens to be the Sandcastle Capital of the World, because, among the city’s thirty permanent sandcastle sculptures, is the United States’ oldest and largest permanent sandcastle.

Artists from all over the world come to sculpt these masterpieces, which are then kept as permanent displays across the island.

But that’s not all! South Padre Island also hosts the annual Sandcastle Days Sand Festival. Artists can compete in both amateur and master divisions, and the public can enjoy watching their creations come to life over the span of the weekend. Sandcastle lessons are also available, as well as water slides and activities for
the kiddos–or the kids-at-heart!

And if you miss the festival, Sandy Feet Sandcastle Services offers sandcastle sculpting lessons all year round!

The Weather

South Padre Island may very well have perfect weather. The wintertime overnight lows are usually in the mid-’50s, and the summertime highs are usually in the 90s.

Of course, water temperatures also dip in the wintertime, taking water activities off the table, but not much else changes. You can still enjoy the beach, enjoy the wildlife, and enjoy all of the many other “dry” activities the Island has to offer, year-round.

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