Is Nantucket Worth Visiting in 2023? 9 Good Reasons Why You Must!

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Is Nantucket worth Visiting?🏖 If you are planning a vacation to Cape Cod, then a vacation to Nantucket might have crossed your mind?

This tiny remote island off the coast of Cape Cod is appropriately named ‘Nantucket,’ a Native American word that means ‘faraway land.’

This quaint and laid-back island, with historic cedar shingled homes, cobblestone streets, and pristine dune-packed beaches, is one of the most desired travel destinations in the US in 2022 according to vacation rental company HomeToGo.

So, is Nantucket really worth visiting?

If a relaxed and tranquil island vacation with pristine dune-filled beaches, historic cedar shingle buildings, cobblestone streets, fine restaurants, unique boutique shops and churches, and a fascinating whaling history sounds appealing to you, Nantucket is definitely worth visiting.

Is Nantucket worth Visiting?

What is Nantucket known for?

Nantucket houses
Photo by Andrew Wolff on Unsplash

Located 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the tiny island of Nantucket is known for its tranquil atmosphere and for being the best surviving example of an early New England seaport, complete with distinct cedar-shingled buildings, cobblestone streets lined with fine restaurants and boutique style shops, and a history as the world’s whaling capital.

Is Nantucket worth a day trip?

Nantucket is definitely worth a day trip for its tranquil old New England charm with Greek Revival style architecture, laid-back dune filled beaches, amazing lighthouses, fascinating maritime history, fine dining options and unique boutique shops and churches.

What is the best time to visit Nantucket?

If you want to avoid large crowds and expensive accommodation costs, the months of March and April, as well as September and October, are the best times of year to visit Nantucket.

Is Nantucket worth visiting in the winter?

Nantucket in the winter can be absolutely breathtaking. From the beaches blanketed in snow, to the cozy restaurants and quaint inns, it’s a stunning winter destination that feels like you’re discovering an untouched corner of the world. With its excellent seafood, charming cobblestone streets, and friendly locals, Nantucket is a little oasis in the cold weather months.

So if you’re looking for a cozy winter getaway full of activities and adventure, then Nantucket is very much worth visiting – perfect for embracing winter at its finest!

How many days do you need in Nantucket?

Three to four days are sufficient to explore all of Nantucket. Nantucket is only 14 miles long, and most of the island’s popular attractions are within a few minutes’ bike ride of one another.

How much does a week-long trip to Nantucket cost?

A week-long trip to Nantucket for a couple costs approximately $3922. A budget trip for two would cost $2571.15, a comfort trip would cost $4075.12, and a luxury trip would cost $7951.37 for a week-long vacation in Nantucket.

Best Accommodation options in Nantucket

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦For Families

White Elephant

👩🏼‍❤️‍👨🏼For Couples

Seven Sea Street Inn

💵For Budget-travellers

Cape Cod Irish Village

Here are 9 Good Reasons why we Love Nantucket and so would you

Explore the cultural district of Downtown Nantucket 🏘

Downtown Nantucket

The best way to begin exploring Nantucket and becoming acquainted with its alluring beauty is to walk through Downtown Nantucket.

Nantucket’s tourism industry revolves around downtown. Downtown’s cultural district is home to museums, theaters, art galleries, boutique shops, and a plethora of restaurants catering to a wide range of tastes.

Walk around Downtown and take in the scenic views of the ocean, shop for souvenirs, or sip a cup of coffee while taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding panoramic views.

Take a tour of the museums 🏛

The tiny island of Nantucket is a historical treasure trove and the best surviving example of an early New England seaport.

This 50-square-mile island was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1966, and its small size allows for easy exploration of its mesmerizing beauty and rich surviving history.

Nantucket’s rich and fascinating history is preserved and exhibited through several interesting museums, but I’ll focus on the three most interesting museums that you should visit: the Nantucket Whaling Museum, the Nantucket Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum, the Museum of African American History, and the Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum.

Nantucket Whaling Museum
Nantucket whaling museum
Image by Kenneth C. Zirkel on Wikimedia Commons

Nantucket was the world’s whaling capital in the 18th century, and whaling was one of America’s first major industries.

The Whaling Museum is dedicated to preserving and educating visitors about the importance of whaling as an industry on Nantucket in the 18th century.

The museum features nine premium galleries filled with over a thousand artifacts and treasures spanning four centuries of the island’s fascinating history.

However, the fun does not end there; the museum also features a 46-foot sperm whale skeleton, a massive Fresnel lens, a restored 1847 candle factory, and a relaxing rooftop deck with panoramic views of Nantucket Harbor.

Nantucket Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum

Raised in memory of all the brave Nantucket residents who risked their lives to save shipwrecked passengers who passed by the island in the nineteenth century, navigating the merciless storms without the benefit of modern nautical technology.

Museum of African American history
The African American community was an important part of Nantucket’s rich and fascinating history, and they dominated the island in the nineteenth century.
The African Meeting House and Seneca Boston-Florence Higginbotham are the two main buildings that showcase Nantucket’s rich African American history.
Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum
Nantucket Lightship Basket museum
Image by Daderot on Wikimedia Commons

The Nantucket lightship basket museum is dedicated towards preserving and promoting the Native American art of basket making which dates back to the early 1800s. 

Discover the intricate and beautiful art of Lightship basket making passed on through generations and their significance on the Whaling ships in the early 18th century.

For ardent art lovers, the museum also offers beginners to advanced classes for those who are looking for a truly wholesome experience.

Visit the Siasconset Village & Beach 🏡

Sconset Village Nantucket

Siasconset or Sconset (as it is affectionately known by locals) is a part of Nantucket that is straight out of a fairytale.

This teeny-tiny section of the island, with its rose-covered former fishing village, exudes pastoral and rustic charm. Sconset, with its architectural style and vibe reminiscent of a countryside village in England, appears to have slowed down time.

Sconset is a great place for a romantic outing with your partner because it is only a 15-minute drive from Nantucket town or a 30-minute bike ride (8 miles). Sconset makes for a really scenic bike ride to get you that much-needed exercise unless you really dislike flexing your muscles.

Not to mention Sconset Beach, a wide and laid-back beach with crystal clear Atlantic Ocean waters and plenty of activities to make your day memorable.

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Enjoy fine dining at Chanticleer 🥂

After a full day of exploring the rustic and laid-back charm of Sconset village and relaxing on the Sconset beach, I’m sure you’re craving some delectable cuisines to fill your rumbling tummy.

Head straight to Chanticleer, an incredibly beautiful summer house that is now one of Nantucket’s premier restaurants.

The Chanticleer, dubbed one of the most romantic places on the island, serves some of the finest dishes in Nantucket amidst a lush garden full of flowers, berries, and seasonal vegetables for the kitchen.

Sankaty Head lighthouse

Sankaty Head Lighthouse
Photo by Ruth H Curtis on Unsplash

A visit to the Sankaty Head lighthouse would be incomplete on a day trip to Sconset.

The Sankaty Head lighthouse, which was built in 1850 and automated in 1965, is still in use today.

The lighthouse, which is located on the easternmost point of the island, just a few minutes from Sconset village on a golf course, makes for some amazing photography with its lush green surroundings and ocean in the background.

Explore the incredible lighthouses

Brant Point lighthouse
Brant Point lighthouse, Photo by Rusty Watson on Unsplash

Nantucket’s incredible lighthouses capture the true essence and spirit of 18th century New England. Nantucket has three incredible lighthouses, each with their own fascinating history and charm.

I’ve already mentioned the Sankaty Head lighthouse near Sconset, but the other two lighthouses, Brant Point and Great Point, both have an amazing maritime history set against a stunning oceanside landscape.

Apart from both being an important part of Nantucket’s maritime history, both these lighthouses make for an amazing place for photography.

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Enjoy the seaside bliss 🏖

Sconset beach
Photo by Jonathan Gallegos on Unsplash

Thousands of tourists flock to this tiny charming island off the coast of Cape Cod for its alluring beaches, which are known for their tranquil setting and crystal clear waters.

Nantucket is known for its 82 miles of sugary soft beaches and turquoise Atlantic Ocean waters. Nantucket’s beaches cater to everyone, from families with children to couples seeking an intimate beach experience.

Best Beaches in Nantucket

Jetties Beach – Easily accessible family-friendly beach.

Surfside beach(South shore)- Best beach in Nantucket for bodysurfing.

Children’s beach(North shore)- Best beach for families with kids with a playground and restrooms.

Madaket beach(West shore)- A perfect laid-back beach for a secluded romantic experience.

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Treat yo’ Self to some delicious cuisines 🍤

Nantucket is a foodie’s paradise, especially for seafood connoisseurs.

Nantucket is dotted with unique restaurants and cafes that serve classic dishes as well as organic produce from the Barlet farm, a family-run farm in the island’s center.

From the fresh and famous lobster rolls at Cru, to bluefish paté at Chanticleer, seaside dining at Nautilus, frozen sangria & craft beer at Cisco breweries, to oysters at the Sandbar at Jetties beach, Nantucket has something for everyone.

Shop for souvenirs 🎁

A visit to Nantucket will reintroduce you to true peace and tranquillity. Apart from cherishing your travel memories, souvenirs are an excellent way to bring a piece of the island home with you.

Nantucket is home to some of the best small and unique (and expensive) boutique shops where you can find everything from Nantucket Lightship baskets and linens to antiques, apparel, and jewelry.

Don’t forget to pick up a pair of Nantucket reds at Murray’s toggery shop before departing this enchanted island.

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