Is Fort Lauderdale Worth Visiting? 15 Good Reasons Why You Must!

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Is Fort Lauderdale worth visiting? If you are planning a vacation to the ‘Yachting Capital of the World⛵’ and ‘Spring break destination of the US’ for the first time then you are bound to have this question. Follow on as we will explore amazing reasons why Fort Lauderdale should be on your bucket list.

Fort Lauderdale is unquestionably worth a visit for its pristine white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, luxurious yachting excursions, thrilling water sports, romantic Gondola rides along the river canals, and a plethora of riverside fine-dining restaurants that serve palates to satisfy any appetite. A visit to the city of Fort Lauderdale is an unforgettable experience, as it has something to offer to everyone.

Is Fort Lauderdale worth visiting?

Fort Lauderdale is gradually shedding its reputation as a popular spring break destination and establishing itself as a go-to destination for an unforgettable honeymoon experience as well as a fun-filled and thrilling beach destination for family vacations, thanks to its fine-dining boutique-style restaurants, Gondola rides, and off-the-beach activities that everyone can enjoy, from children to senior adults.

Is Fort Lauderdale worth visiting for Honeymoon?💘

Fort Lauderdale is truly a paradise for couples. Dubbed as the ‘Venice of America‘ with picturesque canals with romantic Gondola rides, nature trails, pristine white sandy beaches, fine dining restaurants that cater to diverse appetites, water sports excursions to spectacular views of sunset, Fort Lauderdale is a destination to create beautiful moments with your soulmate that you will cherish for life.

Is Fort Lauderdale worth visiting for Family vacation?👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Definitely. Whether you want to relax on one of the many sun-kissed white sand beaches, go snorkelling, diving, or parasailing, take a Yachting trip across the Gulf, hike along spectacular nature trails, explore wildlife-rich national parks, or eat delicious seafood on the Fort Lauderdale promenade, Fort Lauderdale is the place for you.

Is Fort Lauderdale Dog friendly?🐶

Fort Lauderdale is Florida’s most dog-friendly beach destination. Fort Lauderdale is a tropical haven for you and your four-legged companion, with parks, nature trails, riverside boulevard, lakes, parks, dog-friendly hotels, boating excursions, and plenty of dog friendly beaches like Fort Lauderdale Canine Beach, Dog Beach of Hollywood, Bark Beach at North Shore Open Space Park, and Dog-Friendly Beach at the Spanish Park.

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Here are 15 Good Reasons Why Fort Lauderdale should be on your bucket list!

Yachting Capital of the World

Yachting Capital of the world

There is no better destination than Fort Lauderdale for individuals who want to explore the magnificent vistas of the Gulf and feel the lovely sea wind.

Fort Lauderdale, known as the “Yachting Capital of the World⛵,” is home to some of the most luxury mega yachts, large yachts, and ferry boats, which dock at one of the 100 marinas and sail along the picturesque 24 miles of shoreline and 300 miles of waterways.

Your Yachting excursion can be as basic or as fancy as you want it to be, with options ranging from riverbank tours on ferry boats to Gondola rides to private yachting cruises to surrounding islands across the Gulf. Yachting experiences in Fort Lauderdale range from affordable to ultra-luxurious.

The Bahia Mar Resort and Yachting Center is one of the top marinas for a yachting adventure. In the heart of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Bahia Mar Resort and Yachting Center is the perfect Hotel and Marina resort. Discover a magnificent waterfront resort that includes Double Tree by Hilton Hotel. 

Enjoy the party vibes on the Fort Lauderdale Beach Park

Fort Lauderdale beach park

The apparent reason that draws travelers to Fort Lauderdale is its pure white sandy beaches with turquoise waters, beachfront resorts, and a variety of beach activities.

Fort Lauderdale Beach Park, located less than a mile south of Las Olas Boulevard, provides all of these amenities and more. Every tourist who visits Fort Lauderdale must visit this beach, which has crystal clear waves, swaying palm trees at its entrance, and an ever-present party scene.

Fort Lauderdale is an ideal beach for families searching for a more lively atmosphere without having to brave the claustrophobic touristy beaches of Miami.

Aside from relaxing on the beach, you may go snorkeling, scuba diving, or parasailing in the crystal blue waters. There are numerous beachfront restaurants that border the shore and serve a wide variety of cuisines to satisfy your appetite.

Las Olas Boulevard🚤

Las Olas Boulevard

A stroll down the gorgeous Las Olas Boulevard is the finest way to discover Fort Lauderdale away from the ocean.

The Boulevard is flanked with a variety of boutique and alfresco eating options serving a variety of cuisines ranging from traditional American meals, Latin and Caribbean cuisines, and local seafood.

Apart from eateries, the Boulevard is lined with multiple parks, ten international art galleries, upmarket shopping alternatives, and various museums. Strolling down the Boulevard is a terrific way to learn about Fort Lauderdale’s rich history and get a taste of the lifestyle of the Yachting Capital of the World.

Explore the Museum of Discovery and Science🧪

Museum of Discovery and Science
Image credit: Image by Ebyabe on Wikimedia Commons

If you think Fort Lauderdale is only about beautiful beaches and great restaurants, you’re mistaken. Away from the beach, there is so much to do and see that you will be spoiled for choice.

The Museum of Discovery and Science, a perfect place to be with your kids that is filled with educational eco tours about animals, eco exhibits, and an aviation station, is the best way to learn about Fort Lauderdale’s gifted scenic beauty and rich wild and marine life.

You can also watch a 3D movie in an Imax theatre, go on a simulated trip to Mars, ride on a simulated airboat in Everglades National Park🐊, or use the airplane flight simulator.

This museum has so much to offer that your children will never want to leave. The museum is also appealing to adults, as there are many gift shops where you can buy souvenirs or eat at the theatre’s snack stand if you get hungry.

Museum tour charges: Adults= $24, Children= $19

Take a fascinating tour of the Everglades National Park🐊

Everglades National Park

One of the most appealing aspects of visiting Fort Lauderdale is its proximity to the enthralling Everglades National Park. The Everglades National Park is America’s largest wetland and home to the famous American alligator, crocodile, Wood Stork, and Florida bear.

By taking an airboat tour at Sawgrass Recreation Park, you can enjoy the thrilling (but also terrifying) experience of watching huge alligators swim and hunt for prey just a few yards away, as well as learn about the diverse bird species and other animal species that exist in the swamp habitat.

You can also book a private tour, which lasts 30 minutes longer than regular tours, or a night tour to see fascinating nocturnal animals with knowledgeable and entertaining guides, making this tour even more surreal.

Relax on the Pompano Beach

Pompano beach

Pompano Beach is Fort Lauderdale’s most underrated beach, with pristine white sand and turquoise waters lined with majestic swaying palm trees, but what most tourists love about it is its laid-back old Florida vibes, less crowded, and serene atmosphere.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Fort Lauderdale Beach Park and Fort Lauderdale beach, as well as the wild party scene created by Spring breakers, Pompano Beach is the place to be.

Pompano Beach also has a spectacular coral reef worth exploring for scuba divers. Pompano Beach’s shallow waters and gentle waves make it ideal for swimming and snorkelling, even for children and the elderly.

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Explore the mesmerizing Flamingo Gardens🦩

Flamingo Gardens- Is Fort Lauderdale worth visiting?

If you think alligators, wood storks, and bears are the only things Fort Lauderdale has to offer, wait until you visit the spectacular Flamingo Gardens.

The Flamingo Gardens, located 17 miles west of downtown Florida, is a botanical garden and Everglades Wildlife Refuge spanning more than 60 acres. This garden is home to majestic Caribbean flamingos, free-roaming peacocks, native Florida wildlife, and over 3000 plant species.

Whether you are on a family vacation or a honeymoon trip, make sure you visit this wonderful garden, which will help to preserve and educate tourists about local wildlife that would otherwise not exist.

Brilliant Hollywood Art Murals🎨

Hollywood Art Murals
Image credit: Image by Jay Galvin via Flickr

After you’ve had your fill of beach activities, take a stroll down Downtown Fort Lauderdale Street to admire the mesmerizing collection of curated outdoor murals by local and internationally recognized artists such as Tatiana Suarez, Evoca1, Rone, The London Police, Jessy Nite, Ernesto Maranje, Logan Hicks, and Kenn Scharf, which is presented by the Hollywood Community Redevelopment agency.

This spectacular mural project aims to enhance and enrich Fort Lauderdale’s existing cultural fabric while also educating and attracting tourists to the ‘Yachting Capital of the World.’

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park🐦

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Hugh Birch State Park is a large dog-friendly nature trail in the middle of Fort Lauderdale Beach, bordered on one side by the fishing piers and on the other by a 1.9 mile paved road with picturesque nature trails and plenty of shade.

The magnificent park provides a glimpse of Fort Lauderdale before it became highly civilized city.

Go on a romantic Gondola ride🛶

Gondola ride

Fort Lauderdale is the only place that truly captures the romantic vibes of Venice. Fort Lauderdale, dubbed the “Venice of America,” is a perfect getaway for couples looking for the ultimate romantic experience, with its spectacular river canals and authentic Gondola rides.

The two-hour Gondola rides are not only charming, but they also take you through the history and culture of Lauderdale, giving you a completely different perspective of the beach city that can only be experienced at the cozy pace of a Gondola ride.

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Listen to free live jazz music🎷and get free surfing lessons🏄‍♀️

Jazz and surfing

Every first Sunday of the month, soulful jazz music is combined with the spectacular Riverwalk backdrop and delectable cuisines to create the ideal romantic evening with your soulmate.

If you’re a surfer, Island Water Sports in Deerfield Beach offers free basic surfing lessons every Saturday, giving surfers another reason to visit Fort Lauderdale.

Savor the best Italian food at Louie Bossi🍕

Louis Bossi's
Image credit: image by Tamanoeconomico via Wikimedia commons

Las Olas Boulevard is home to some of the most fantastic boutique-styled and outdoor restaurants in the city, serving a variety of cuisines ranging from American, Italian, Caribbean, and authentic Asian cuisine.

Louie Bossi is without a doubt the best Italian restaurant on Las Olas Boulevard, serving delectable authentic Italian fare. Once you’ve sampled their homemade salumi boards and spaghetti, you’ll find it difficult to leave the restaurant, it’s that good.

Shop your heart out in Greater Fort Lauderdale🛍

Sawgrass Mills Fort Lauderdale
Image credit: Image by Horst Goertz via Wikimedia commons

When visiting the Yachting Capital of the World and an iconic Spring Break destination, it goes without saying that you will want to take home a souvenir that will remind you of your time in Fort Lauderdale.

Greater Fort Lauderdale is home to Sawgrass Mills, one of the largest designer outlet malls in the United States, with shopping options ranging from budget-friendly Super Target, Marshalls, and J. Crew Factory to more upscale options like Prada, Jimmy Choo, and Kate Spade at the Colonnade’s luxury brand outlet.

If you get tired of shopping, you can watch a movie at Sawgrass Mills’ Imax theatre or eat at the food court that lines the movie theatre.

Visit the Hillsboro Lighthouse Point💡

Hillsboro Lighthouse Point

The Hillsboro Lighthouse Point is easily accessible by boat and is located halfway between Miami and Palm Beach. This Lighthouse Point is located in a small quaint oceanfront town with the picturesque Atlantic as a backdrop, and it truly embodies the old Florida Keys vibe.

The tower, which was built in 1907, has helped thousands of ships navigate their way across the Atlantic. Visit the Lighthouse Preservation Society’s Museum, which houses a variety of equipment and other maritime artefacts.

The Hillsboro Lighthouse is an excellent place to get away from the crowded beaches of Greater Fort Lauderdale and spend some romantic time in tranquilly with your soulmate.

Party all night at Greater Fort Lauderdale🍻

Greater Fort Lauderdale
Image credit: Image by Steve Sutherland via Flickr

Fort Lauderdale is more than just beautiful beaches and water sports in the sun. When the sun goes down in this beautiful sun-kissed paradise, you get to enjoy the full extent of its glamorous nightlife.

From sunset to sunrise, Fort Lauderdale’s nightlife includes dancing, gaming, bars, restaurants, and live music to keep your pulse racing. Explore the region’s famous nightlife at the Round Up Country Western Bar, where you can enjoy line dancing, or head to the Café Iguana Pines, where you can dance to the beats of EDM music.

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