Hawaii or Cabo for Honeymoon? An Honest comparison to HELP you Choose!

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Hawaii or Cabo for Honeymoon? If you feel stuck in this dilemma, you are not alone. The majority of Americans encounter this quandary while deciding on the perfect honeymoon spot.

Both of these destinations have an array of activities suitable for couples, families, and solo travelers. While each of these locations is a very popular honeymoon destination, they are rather distinct.

In this article, I’ve compared Hawaii and Cancun on a range of crucial factors to assist you in deciding which one to visit for your honeymoon vacation.

If you’re looking for a more affordable destination than Hawaii that offers a variety of activities and a lively atmosphere, choose Cabo over Hawaii. If you love beaches and you are an adventurous soul seeking a wealth of adventure possibilities in addition to gorgeous natural scenery and picturesque landscapes, then Hawaii is the best romantic getaway for you.

Hawaii or Cabo for Honeymoon: Which is the best destination for you?

Flight price and Duration

For many honeymooners, flight cost and duration are critical factors in picking between Hawaii and Cabo as honeymoon destinations. As a result, we should begin by comparing the rates and durations of flights to both destinations. Additionally, numerous non-stop flights to Mexico depart every couple of hours from many major US cities.

Recent years have seen an increase in the number of people choosing Cabo over Hawaii. And it’s easy to see why when we compare flight prices between the United States of America to Cabo and Hawaii. Flying to Cabo is much more convenient and affordable than flying to Hawaii.

Cabo San Lucas is significantly more accessible than Hawaii to most of the United States. That is why, for many Americans, the cost and duration of the flight to Cabo are far less than those to Hawaii.

A flight between the United States and Mexico typically costs between $200 and $400 per person. Flight fares to Hawaii vary considerably depending on your departure point and season. Flight price to Hawaii is approximately $865 per person from the east coast, $675 from the midwest, and $420 from the west coast. However, keep in mind that these are simply estimations and that travel rates fluctuate regularly.

Flight length between the United States of America and Mexico is typically between 3 and 5 hours. While travel time from the United States to Hawaii varies from five and ten hours or more, depending on your departure point. Hawaii is approximately 5-6 hours from the west coast and 10+ hours from the east coast of the United States of America.

Winner: Cabo, Cabo is easier and less expensive to fly to from the United States than Hawaii


The following table summarises the average cost of lodging in Hawaii and Cabo

Mid-range hotel$165$42
Villas/Luxury rooms$527$360
Note: Prices vary from time to time


Beachside hotel in Hawaii
Beachside hotel in Hawaii

According to data provided by the Hawaii Tourism Authority, the average cost of lodging in Hawaii in 2018 was $264. In general, you can expect to pay between $130 and $550 for accommodation in Hawaii (Budget or Luxury). However, if you are a budget traveler or on a low budget, you may stay at youth hostels or on Airbnb for between $32 and $55.


Hotel sunrise, Cabo
Hotel sunrise, Cabo

Cabo San Lucas is the most well-known tourist destination in Mexico, and it is well-known for its lavish hotels. As a result, lodging in Cabo is slightly more expensive than in Cancun, and it is difficult to find budget-friendly lodging in Cabo. However, it still provides considerably more economical lodging than Hawaii.

However, if you are on a budget, you should choose one of Cabo’s all-inclusive packages. Indeed, these all-inclusive packages are the primary reason why many people prefer Mexico over Hawaii. Cabo’s resorts, like many other popular tourist destinations in Mexico, offer all-inclusive packages.

These all-inclusive packages typically include lodging, meals, and nearly all alcoholic drinks. Outdoor activities and spa treatments are also included in some all-inclusive packages.

These all-inclusive packages are reasonably priced and ideal for honeymooners and families. An all-inclusive-family holiday package often costs between $1000 and $3000. However, for roughly $2000, you can generally find a nice all-inclusive package that will cover practically all of your family’s needs.

Winner: Cabo, Cabo offers more affordable accommodation options than Hawaii


Comparison of Average Cost of food per day

Meal for Two
(Inexpensive Restaurant)
Meal for Two
(Mid-range Restaurant)
Beer $6.50$1.99
The average cost
of food per day
Note: Prices vary from time to time

Hawaii, as expected, has more expensive food than Cabo. Even at the cheapest restaurant, you should expect to pay at least $15 to $20 per person. In Hawaii, expect to spend $50 to $100 per day per person for food.

If you choose an all-inclusive package in Cabo, you won’t have to worry about food because it will cover all of your meals and drinks. Cabo has a number of well-known food spots where you may sample authentic Mexican cuisine.

If you’re a foodie on a budget, I recommend sampling Cabo’s wonderful street food. A filling supper on the streets of Cabo may usually be found as little as $4 to $6.

Winner: Cabo

Beaches: Which are better?


Cabo beach

When it comes to beaches, Hawaii is definitely better than Cabo. If the beach is a priority for you then Cabo is not a good option.

Cabo has a tropical desert climate and terrain that is rugged and uneven. Thus, Cabo is a magical place where desert mountainous topography meets the pacific ocean’s blue waters.

Due to the rocky terrain, stunning rock formations can be found near Cabo’s beaches. Additionally, it is well-known for its crystal clear, chilly water. It offers spectacular views of the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

However, due to severe undertows, many beaches in Cabo are dangerous and unsuited for swimming. Thus, you will be driven to simply sit on the beach and take in the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean on the majority of beaches. However, certain beaches, such as Medano Beach, Lover’s Beach, and Chileno Beach, are swimmable.


Hawaii beach
A beach on the island of Honolulu

On the other hand, Hawaii features some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, far better than those in Cabo. Hawaii has a diverse array of beaches in shades of red, green, and black. Unlike Cabo, you will find swimmable beaches all around Hawaii.

Hawaii surfing

Hawaii is better than Cabo not only in terms of beaches but also in terms of water sports activities. Snorkeling and surfing are particularly enjoyable and easy to do in Hawaii.

Especially, snorkeling in Hawaii warm, crystal blue waters is an unparalleled joy. The abundance of marine life in Hawaii adds to the enjoyment of snorkeling. In the case of Cabo, snorkeling is not as enjoyable as in Hawaii, due to its chilly cold water.

Winner: Hawaii has better beaches than Cabo

Things to do

When it comes to outdoor activities or things to do other than relaxing on beaches, then it is quite difficult to choose one. Both offer a wide range of adventurous activities.


hiking in cabo

Although Cabo does not have world-class beaches, it does have stunning mountainous terrain that is ideal for a variety of adventure activities.

You can hike Mount Solmar or take an ATV excursion through the Baja California Peninsula wild canyon, visit the spectacular rock formations of El Arco, take a zipline tour, swim with dolphins, or shop at the local markets; the list of activities in Cabo is endless.

Whale watching at Cabo, in particular, is highly popular with tourists. Each year, thousands of whales migrate from the Arctic to the warm seas of Mexico to mate, providing tourists with spectacular views.


Hawaii couple adventure

Without a question, Hawaii is the undisputed champion of adventure and beautiful landscapes. If you are an adventure lover then Hawaii is a paradise for you. From volcano hiking on the big island to Kauai’s lush green forests and waterfalls to Maui’s stunning beaches, there is an endless number of things to do in Hawaii that cannot be accomplished in a single trip.

So, if you are expecting your vacation to be an adrenaline-fueled adventurous experience, then Hawaii is a paradise for you.

Winner: Tie, both Hawaii and Cabo offer endless adventure opportunities


When comparing Hawaii with Cabo (Mexico), safety is unquestionably a key concern. Hawaii is unquestionably one of the world’s safest travel destinations. Indeed, it has one of the lowest crime rates in the United States of America.

Not only violent crimes are uncommon, but also petty crimes such as theft and pickpocketing. Volcanic eruptions are Hawaii’s only significant threat, although they are also exceedingly rare.

Also, On the other hand, Mexico does not have a good safety reputation. However, Mexico’s biggest tourist destinations, such as Cabo and Cancun, are comparatively safe in comparison to the rest of the country.

That is why in Cabo tourism continues to grow at an incredible pace year after year. If you are visiting Cabo, however, it is recommended that you stay within the resort area and avoid traveling too far from Cabo.

Winner: Hawaii



cabo nightlife

Cabo San Lucas has a livelier nightlife than Hawaii. There are numerous venues to party in Cabo at all hours of the day, whether it’s afternoon, evening, or night. Downtown Cabo is the epicenter of the vibrant nightlife in Cabo.

If you want to party during the day, head to Medano Beach’s famous Mango deck beach club. You may party all day on the Mango deck while taking in the stunning views of Lover’s beach and the iconic El Arco. If you’re looking for the ultimate club experience, head to Cabo’s world-famous Mandals, La Vaquita, or Pink Kitty, the official meeting point of part animals, where you can drink and dance till the early hours of the morning.

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Hawaii nightlife

Hawaii’s nightlife is relatively laid-back. Rather than noisy nightclubs, Hawaii offers live music, karaoke, and a pleasant cocktail. However, if you are a party animal visiting Hawaii, you should make a point of visiting Honolulu. Honolulu is the nightlife capital of Hawaii. It is home to the majority of Hawaii’s nightclubs and bars.

Winner: Cabo

Hawaii or Cabo for Honeymoon: Which is better?

When choosing between Hawaii and Cabo as a honeymoon destination, budget and beaches are the decisive factors. If cost is the prime concern, Cabo easily outperforms Hawaii.

Cabo is significantly less expensive than Hawaii and has a livelier nightlife. However, Cabo is more of a holiday destination. Cabo does not have the same honeymoon vibes as Hawaii does.

On the other side, if budget is not an issue, Hawaii is a better Honeymoon destination than Cabo. The absolutely gorgeous beaches and landscapes of Hawaii make it a perfect destination for a romantic getaway.

The most significant aspect of Hawaii is that it oozes natural romantic vibes. Additionally, the majority of beaches in Cabo are unsafe and unsuitable for swimming, whereas Hawaii has numerous beaches where you can enjoy surfing, snorkeling, and other water sports.

Winner: Hawaii, Even though Hawaii is far more expensive than Cabo, it is better suited for Honeymoon

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Hawaii or Cabo for Family vacation: Which is better?

When it comes to family vacations, both Cabo San Lucas and Hawaii provide an abundance of activities. As a result, the decision between Hawaii and Cabo as a family vacation destination ultimately boils down to affordability and safety.

If your budget is not constrained, Hawaii is a slightly better family vacation choice than Cabo. Hawaii is far safer than Cabo, has numerous family-friendly beaches, and offers a variety of adventure activities.

Cabo is undoubtedly a better alternative than Hawaii if your budget is limited. Cabo’s all-inclusive vacation packages are reasonably priced for family vacations, and once you opt for it, you won’t have to worry about added expenses.

Winner: Cabo, Cabo is significantly cheaper than Hawaii and is ideal for family vacations

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Hawaii or Cabo for Solo travelers: Which is better?

Cabo is a better option for solo travelers than Hawaii. Hawaii is considerably more expensive than Cabo in every aspect. Budget accommodations in Cabo cost between $20 and $40 for solo travelers, whereas in Hawaii, it’s impossible to find accommodations for less than $50.

In Hawaii, the cheapest food costs at least $15, yet in Cabo, a good meal is often found for about $5 if you stick to street food. If, on the other hand, you’re an adventurer or a beach person, Hawaii is a better option than Cabo.

Unlike Hawaii, Cabo is not known for safe beaches, and Hawaii has a lot to offer to adventure enthusiasts. In comparison to Hawaii, Cabo does not have a reputation for safe beaches, and also, Hawaii has a lot of adventure activities to choose from.

Winner: Cabo

Best Time to visit


Cabo boasts year-round sunny and pleasant weather. Cabo’s high season runs from November to April. March and April, in particular, are the busiest months in Cabo. If you want to avoid crowds, go to Cabo in May or June.


March through September are the best months to visit Hawaii due to the little rainfall. Due to Hawaii’s year-round nice temperature, any time of year is great for visiting. If you’re looking to save money on airfare, the best time to come is between June and September, when airline tickets are at their lowest prices.

Winner: Tie, Both Hawaii and Cabo have year-round pleasant weather

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