10 Best Audiobooks to Inspire Wanderlust in You

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Listening to audiobooks is a terrific way to nourish your brain. Audiobooks can transport you to a whole new universe and allow you to get up close and personal with the characters you’re listening to, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

What makes listening to an audiobook more fun and engaging?

The fact that most audiobooks today are narrated by the most celebrated actors around and authors themselves, elevates the listening experience to a whole new level.

Allow me to direct your attention to some of the best audiobooks that have garnered rave reviews for their well-told stories and interesting narration that will inspire Wanderlust in you.

Here are 10 Best Audiobooks to Inspire Wanderlust in You

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - best audiobooks to inspire wanderlust

Would this list even be valid without mentioning this book?

Absolutely not!

Every chapter of this mega-million-selling pop-culture classic science fiction novel will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

The story begins on a fateful Thursday in the life of young Arthur Dent, whose home is to be demolished to make way for a bypass. At the same time that everything seems to be beyond his capabilities, he discovers that his friend is an alien.

What follows next is a pure comedy genius and adventurous journey of Arthur across the Galaxy to make sense of things that started this mind-blowing turn of events in the first place.

This book will make you jump a beat, yet the cover reassures you with this DON’T PANIC! In short, don’t worry.

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings- best audiobooks to inspire wanderlust

It is impossible to find a list on the internet that doesn’t contain this epic fantasy of our time as the finest companion to beat boredom, inspire wanderlust, or enjoy the pleasures and sufferings of our fellow little Hobbits.

The timing couldn’t be better, as fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s books have been anticipating an unabridged version of the popular trilogy for a long time. The audiobook edition is more fascinating and immersive thanks to outstanding narration from the cast, which includes actor Ian Holm (who played Bilbo Baggins in the movie adaptation).

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to keep them from…feeling really, really bored on a long trip.



This is an audiobook for those who enjoy finding adventure in travel itself, such as hitchhiking.

Carsick is a travel memoir by John Waters, America’s favourite oddball film director, who hitchhiked the country from Baltimore to San Francisco in 2010.

With a cardboard sign on his tour reading “I am not a psycho,” John comes across more eccentric individuals who recount humorous stories as strange and weird as Waters himself.

John’s enthralling narrative and flamboyant persona are infectious, keeping you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

The Sex Lives of Cannibals

The Sex Lives of Cannibals

If you think the title is strange, wait till you hear this humorous and wacky story, which has nothing to do with the Sex Lives of Cannibals.

Rather, it is the author’s account of his experience on the distant South Pacific island of Tarawa. The audiobook does justice to the wonderfully amusing scenarios that the author and his girlfriend find themselves in as a result of the many problems they experience on the island.

Simon Vance adds just enough theatrical flair to the narration to make it even more outrageously funny.



Amongst the most acclaimed books of the last decade, ‘Educated’ is Tara Westover’s memoir of her struggle to educate herself in the face of personal turmoil.

Tara had endured years of isolation before finally taking action and finding herself at Harvard and, later Cambridge University. Julia Whelan’s superb narration showcases the grit and resilience of Westover, who can entertain even the most discriminating readers.

This audiobook will shake you to the core and, at the same time, make you understand the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone.

A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods

If you have been on a back-country hiking trip before, then you will love this book and, if not, then it will inspire you to take a journey of your own.

In A Walk in the Woods, Bill Bryson recounts his adventurous and action-packed trek along America’s longest footpath, the Appalachian Trail.

Bryson’s five-month trek down the breathtaking trail is full of mysteries, shocks, perils, and people as untamed as the wilderness itself. Rob McQuay’s superb narration helps you to experience the path alongside Bryson as if you were there yourself.



Cheryl Strayed was 22 years old when she lost her mother and had to deal with the emotional anguish of a painful divorce.

When she realised she had nothing to lose, she made the most audacious decision of her life: she hiked the entire Pacific Crest Trail by herself.

This journey completely changed her life. Faced with adversity along the way, Cheryl discovered a glimmer of hope that drew her life back into the light. Above all, Wild is a story that aims to instil the notion that travelling can help you heal from traumatic experiences in the past.

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Fighting Monks and Burning Mountains: Misadventures on a Buddhist Pilgrimage 

fighting monks and burning mountains

This story is bound to resonate with most people’s frustrations and desires in the world today.

Paul Barach, 28, was fed up with his monotonous day job and decided it was time to take charge of his life by embarking on a 750-mile hiking expedition to complete the Shikoku pilgrimage trail.

However, there is a problem…

Paul set out on his expedition with no prior hiking experience and little awareness of Japanese customs or culture. The most absurd aspect of his excursion was that he did not even bring a suitable pair of hiking shoes.

Paul’s narration lends a touch of whimsy and comedy to this engrossing and funny journey that began with one rash decision.

Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter Series

J.K Rowling is one of the most successful authors of the twenty-first century for a reason. We’ve come to assume that she is a wizard after reading her magical, imaginary characters, stories, and worlds.

There is no point in stating the obvious. We all know what a surreal experience it is to read this series. Now, the audiobooks version has taken this experience to a whole new level of awesomeness.

Stephen Fry’s soothing voice adds more humour and mystery to this magnificent novel series.

The Graveyard Book

The Graveyard Book

I couldn’t end this list without including a book by Neil Gaiman, one of my favourite fiction writers. This is a spine-tingling ghost story with a healthy dosage of horror and levity thrown in for good measure.

Who’d have expected that after escaping an assassin intent on murdering the entire family, a baby would seek refuge and security at the local cemetery?

Growing up among the local ghosts, ghouls, and spectres, Bod had a strange childhood, learning about life from the dead. However, because Bod is the family’s lone survivor, the murderer may be still on the lookout for him.

A fantastically unique piece that expertly blends eight chapters around the protagonist’s first eight years of life, from birth to childhood. Will Bod, a little child, mature into a man?

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