10 Best Web Resources for your Hitchhiking Journey

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In recent years technology has changed the way we used to work, socialize, think and most importantly also the way we used to travel from one place to another. In the last decade, technology has been at the forefront of every part of our lives, right from the way we live to the way we travel.

I’ve been a part of this transition just like many of you are. From struggling in my own home country to find a place to camp to having spent my best time with the monks in Thailand without knowing a single word of Siamese, the internet has made everything possible.

After travelling to almost 10 countries, I cannot stress enough how important a role technology played in my hitchhiking expeditions.

Here are the 10 Best Web Resources for your Hitchhiking journey that will make your time on the road a fun and delightful experience.

10 Best Web Resources For Your Hitchhiking Journey

Hitchhiking forum/ General Information


What Wikipedia is to the academic community, from freshman to distinguished professors, Hitchwiki is for hitchhikers from amateurs to pro-hitchhikers.

Hitchwiki is a go-to website for anyone who wants to know anything and everything about hitchhiking. It is a collaborative website for gathering information about hitchhiking and other ways of cheaper travel.

Hitchwiki is a great platform for beginners and pro’s alike, as any registered user can share their hitchhiking experience for others to read. From general hitchhiking tips to how to hitchhike in a particular country, hitchwiki is a good platform to know about the basics of hitchhiking.

Hitchwiki also has a community portal where hitchhikers and wannabe hitchhikers can congregate and ask or discuss about the topic of their interest.


nomadicmatt.com is a travelling website that was started by Matt Kepnes in 2009 as a way to share his travelogue and hitchhiking guide for wanderlusts.

Unlike hitchwiki where there is an overwhelming abundance of information where you can easily get lost, nomadicmatt has more detailed and organized information on hitchhiking.

Matt shares his 14 years of experience of travelling over 100 countries, experiencing different cultures and the amazing people he met on his journeys. Matt is also the author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day a NY times bestselling travel book.

This website is a one-stop destination for all your travel queries answered by the best budget travellers out there and from Matt himself.


Wand’rly is a family-owned and operated online magazine for full-time travellers. Nathan the head of the family of five started Wand’rly to inspire other people to break free from the shackles of 9 to 5 job and spend time enjoying the wonders of the world.

If you are thinking about hitchhiking as a couple or as a family (with kids of course!) but had your apprehensions, then this website will inspire you to hit the road.

Wand’rly releases a new issue full of articles every week on how to get to a full-time travelling lifestyle and other blogs related to hitchhiking and backpacking. Wand’rly also has a monthly subscription plan of 5$ where you can access weekly, monthly newsletters and exclusive content only for subscribers.


Rutger from Netherlands started his blog Worldhitchiker as a way to share his experience hitchhiking from Netherlands to Vietnam. Rutger started his hitchhiking journey in April 2019 in Netherlands and has hitchhiked 24 countries so far. 

He writes about the people, the culture, the beautiful landscapes and all the fun and crazy stuff that happened to him on this journey. Rutger blogs are more like a travelogue than a typical blog, but his blogs are filled with fun and crazy experiences and tips that will come in handy when you hit the road.

Mind of a hitchhiker

Any woman out there who wants to make travelling (hitchhiking) as a way of life then this website is particularly for you. Iris, the woman behind Mind of a hitchhiker, has hitchhiked more than 40 countries so far with new countries added to her list every year.

From people, places, cultures, foods to tips on safety, health and which books to read, Iris has covered everything that you might think about.

Best Navigation Apps for Hitchhiking

Google Maps

Google Maps - best web resources for your hitchhiking journey
Image credit- google.com

Well, this one was obvious, isn’t it? I’ve always relied on Google Maps not just to get from one place to another but also for accommodation and looking out for places to eat.

Google’s vast database makes sure you find everything that exists on the face of the earth on your screen, but make sure you do not rely on it too much.

Navigating using Google Maps can get tricky at times, especially if you are hiking in certain parts of Europe, China or the Transylvanian countries. We’ve had a tough time navigating through Armenia using Google Maps as many landmarks and even some places were excluded from the maps.

I had to rely on other apps for navigating my way through the towns and countryside of Armenia, which brings us to our next recommendations.

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Maps me
Image credit- youtube.com

Maps.me is a free open source app for accessing offline maps based on the OpenStreetMap data. You have access to hundreds of offline maps right at your fingertips within a click, so you don’t go through the hassle of charging your phone and searching for the network.

Maps.me was a lifesaver for me when I was hitchhiking through Romania, where Google Maps is almost useless and good net signal rare. Thanks to Maps.me, I could access the offline maps that I had already saved on my phone.

Maps.me is specifically built keeping the needs of travelers in mind, its open source database ensures that the maps are kept up-to-date with editing rights to anyone who uses the app.


ioverlander- web resources for your hitchhiking journey
Image credit- googleplay.com

iOverlander is an app and website for overlanders to find their next destination. Overlanders database includes thousands of spots for free-camping, wild camping and other adventure activities based on reviews from travellers.

All the information that you need from finding gas stations to eateries is crowdsourced into the app. iOverlander comes in handy when you are looking to hitch a ride or meet other hitchhikers on the way.


Image credit- amazon.in

This app is similar to Maps.me in a way that it is also based on OpenStreetMap data. OSMand+ has both the free and the paid version available on both the Android and iOS platform.

However, to access more than 7 offline maps you have to buy their paid version which costs around 2€ for a monthly and 7€ for a yearly subscription.

This was the first paid navigation app that I’ve used until now, and it’s definitely worth it if you are hitchhiking in Europe.

Best Couchsurfing/Accommodation apps for hitchhiking



As the name suggests Couchsurfing is a website for travelers (especially hitchhikers) to connect with locals who are willing to host you for a night.

Couchsurfing is a fun and unique way of exploring different cultures and ways of life. It is a cheaper, crazier and genuine way of strengthening bonds through cultural exchange.

I’ve couchsurfed twice in my hitchhiking journey once in Russia and the second time in Turkey while me I and friend were in the Bodrum city. My first Couchsurfing experience was surprisingly great, the family that hosted us were very warm and generous, and were kind enough to drive us around other tourist spots in Bodrum.

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Camping is not always the best option or possible everywhere when it’s time for you to take a rest. There are times when finding a good place to camp is tiresome or not possible due to weather or other conditions.

Booking.com allows you to seamlessly book a room in hotels, motels or homes at the last moment. I’ve always relied on Booking.com during my travels to make last-minute arrangements or pre-book a room in a hotel of my choice.

Check out here COVID19 guidelines of Booking.com



Airbnb is similar to Booking.com but they differ when it comes to homestays. Airbnb’s service is catered more towards providing the best homestay experience.

You can book an entire home, cabin, unique homes or stay with a family that host tourists for a more genuine experience.

Check out here the COVID19 guidelines of Airbnb.



Trustroots is a non-profit website focused on connecting travellers and hosts together. It is a non-profit organization started in 2015 as a platform for travellers to meet each other and share their experiences.

Once you register on Trustroots you can meet like-minded people(travellers) or hosts who are open to sharing their experiences with you.

Trustroots works almost like Couchsurfing.com does except it does not charge you and membership is based on an invite-only option.

Best Ridesharing/Carpooling Apps for Hitchhiking


Bla Bla Car

Wikipedia defines what BlaBlaCar does best: BlaBLaCar is an online marketplace for carpooling. It connects you with drivers who are travelling within cities to the same locations as you are (or if your location falls in between) and are willing to share a seat and the cost of travelling.

I’ve used BlaBlaCar twice, once in Germany and the second time in Netherlands. It’s a more convenient and cheaper way to hitch a ride, especially, when you are travelling within cities.


Image credit- motar.eu

Motar is similar to what BlaBlaCar does, it is also a carpooling website for ridesharing. Motar differs from BlaBlaCar in the span of area they serve. While BlaBlaCar has become global, Motar serves mainly in Central European countries. 

If you are travelling through any Central European countries then Motor is the best option for you.


The digital world is a fast changing world. There are new apps and websites coming out every year that are aimed at making your travel experience seamless. These apps and websites are some of the best travel web resources available out there. If you have already used these resources, please do share with us your user experience and if you think we missed out on some other resources please let us know in the comment section.

Note: The digital world is a rapidly changing world with new startups cropping up every year aimed at enhancing your travel experience. We constantly update this blog based on our experience and thorough research.

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