Thailand or Greece for Honeymoon? An honest comparison to HELP you Decide!!

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Thailand or Greece for honeymoon
Santorini, Greece

Breathtaking landscapes, pristine beaches, incredible food, and rich culture outline the allure of Thailand and Greece. Both grace and Thailand are some of the most famous honeymoon paradises in the world and both of them attract thousands of couples every year.

They both grab the topmost position on the bucket list of the many honeymooners. Both Greece and Thailand are the perfect destinations for any couple who wants to make their honeymoon trip special and memorable.

But if you want to choose only one location for your honeymoon then obviously it would be quite difficult for you. If you are also struck on Thailand or Greece for honeymoon then this article will help you to choose the best destination from both of them

Having visited both destinations we have compared both destinations with different parameters to make it easier for you to take your final decision.

Thailand or Greece for Honeymoon?

Why you should visit Thailand over Greece?

thailand vs greece

If you want to get the most out of your honeymoon trip without breaking the bank and if you want your honeymoon to be romantic but at the same time you want to experience adventure, thrill, and rich vibrant culture then Thailand is the better honeymoon destination for you as compared to Greece.

Thailand has Everything for Everyone!!

thailand honeymoon

As compared to Greece, there are many things to experience, enjoy and explore in Thailand. If you and your partner are adventure lovers then Thailand is the perfect paradise for you.

Thailand is a place where you can experience many fascinating things, including pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, eastern spirituality, delicious Thai cuisine, and relaxing Thai massages.

Also, if your lover is an adventurous soul, then you can go explore the ancient Buddhist temples, traditional Thai street markets, beautiful islands, rural parts of Thailand, and elephant sanctuaries.

To put it another way, Thailand is a wonderland that offers something for everyone!!

Thailand is Far more Affordable than Greece

Thailand is super cheap as compared to Greece. Thailand is without a doubt, currently, one of the most affordable honeymoon destinations in the world.

When you visit any of the world’s famous honeymoon destinations (such as Greece, Bora Bora, Paris, or the Maldives), you will discover that these locations are rather pricey.

Fortunately, luxury options in Thailand are fairly reasonable in comparison to other well-known honeymoon destinations. Everything in Thailand, from hotels to restaurants, is really affordable in comparison to Greece.

Thai islands are Full of Life and Energy than Greek islands

phuket honeymoon

Greece’s islands and Thailand’s islands are quite different from each other. The Thai islands are livelier, busier, and more crowded than the Greek islands. Thailand has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Thai islands are known for their white sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

Thailand has a much more Vibrant and Fascinating Culture than Greece

Thailand culture

Another significant area in which Thailand outperforms Greece is culture. Thailand is endowed with a plethora of cultural and historical treasures.

If your partner is interested in culture and eastern spirituality, Thailand has a great deal to offer in comparison to Greece.

You can visit Thailand’s cultural cities, such as Chiang Mai, to discover magnificent historical Buddha temples. Thai culture and society are influenced by Buddhist and Hindu ideas dating all the way back to ancient times.

Also, you can go explore rural Thailand, if you wish to add another dimension to your honeymoon.  

Thai Cuisine is one of the Most Popular Cuisines in the World

Thai cuisine

And, of course, delightful Thai cuisine!! You cannot afford to miss one of Thailand’s top tourist attractions. Thai cuisine is internationally renowned and distinctive due to its fusion of Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and Portuguese influences.

Thailand’s World-famous Elephant Sanctuaries

Thailand Elephant Sanctuaries

Additionally, you can visit Thailand’s elephant sanctuaries, which are highly popular with foreign tourists. In some elephant sanctuaries in Thailand, you can even feed elephants and walk alongside them.

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Why You should not Visit Thailand over Greece

Don’t expect European Vibes in Thailand

thailand village

Thailand is a very beautiful country but it is a third-world country. Thailand is not a European country, therefore do not expect a European feel (like you would in Greece). 

Along with Thailand’s magnificent beaches, you’ll find terrible traffic, poverty, excessive pollution, slums, and some strange customs. Anyone who has traveled to Southeast Asia will understand what I’m saying.

Not Good for Asthma patients

Thailand’s air quality is quite appalling (especially in Bangkok). 

Thailand received a PM2.5 rating from the US air quality report, indicating that the country’s air quality is particularly poor for persons who suffer from asthma. Indeed, numerous American and European tourists have reported temporary health problems as a result of poor air quality. 

Therefore, if you or your spouse suffer from asthma or any other respiratory related health problems,then Thailand may not be the best destination for your honeymoon.

Overcrowded Beaches

Thailand has established a reputation as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations in recent years. Each year, millions of tourists from  Europe, China, and the United States flock to Thailand. 

However, it has had a detrimental effect on the beauty of the Thai islands.  Popular Thai islands such as Phuket, koi phi,and Krabi have become extremely congested and unsanitary in recent years. As a result, Thai beaches are slightly more crowded and unsanitary than Greek beaches. 

Therefore, if you want to spend time alone with your husband or avoid chaos or crowds on your honeymoon, the Greek islands are a better option than Thailand.

You have to respect Thai culture and Tradition

Thailand tradition

Thailand is a country in which religion and culture are extremely essential aspects of daily life.

Thai people are really pleasant, however, Thai society is extremely protective of its traditions and customs in comparison to Greece’s modern and open-minded society.

If the Thai people believe you are disrespecting their culture, you may find yourself in unneeded problems. As a result, you must respect their customs, even if they seem strange to you.

For example,

  1. Never, ever insult a Thai king. Thai people adore their king. If theu believed you had disregarded the king, you would find yourself in unnecessary trouble.
  2. Regard buddhist monks and buddhist temples with reverence. Monks are held in high regard in Thai society.
  3. Dont speak loudly, it is considered as rude in Thailand.
  4. Thailand has very strict rules against drugs.

Why you should visit Greece over Thailand

greece honeymoon

If your honeymoon trip is solely focused on romance with your partner and you desire a serene, romantic, and calm environment, then should choose Greece over Thailand.

If you want to spend your romantic honeymoon in a location where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea with your beloved in a calm and peaceful setting, then Greece is the better choice than Thailand.

If you do not have a budget constraint and are not interested in adventure or culture, then Greece is a better honeymoon choice than Thailand.

Greece islands are a Paradise for Romance Lovers

greece romance
Romantic Sunset, Santorini, Greece

When it comes to islands, Greek islands have a more romantic and soothing atmosphere than Thai ones. This is why Greek islands such as Santorini and Mykonos rank among the world’s most romantic honeymoon locations. 

Greece’s islands are unique and distinct from Thai islands. They produce mesmerizing magical romantic spells with crystal blue water, white/black sandy beaches, and whitewashed buildings.

Greece islands provide Calm and Relaxing Atmosphere

crete greece
Crete, Greece

In contrast to Thailand, Greece is a destination where you may have a long romantic walk on the beach with your spouse while enjoying the romantic sunset and stunning view of the Mediterranean sea. 

romantic greece

Unlike in Thailand, you will not encounter anyone attempting to sell you jewelry on Greece’s beaches.

In other words, Greece is the ideal destination for couples seeking a pure romantic honeymoon in luxury resorts surrounded by a calm, relaxing, and romantic atmosphere.

World-famous Ancient Greek Architectures and Museums

athens greece
Athens, Greece

If you enjoy historical buildings and museums, you can visit Athens and Delphi in Greece.

Greece is a very unusual European country. It is a place where modernism and ancient traditions coexist together.

Greece is well known around the world for its ancient history and architecture. Therefore, if you and your spouse are interested in Greece’s history and ancient architecture, you may also visit other historical cities in Greece to see world-famous Greek architecture and museums.

Don’t miss the delicious Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean Cuisine

Additionally, how could I forget about the delectable Mediterranean cuisine!! Mediterranean cuisine is renowned across the world. In fact, some people come to Greece only to taste this delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

Romantic cruises of Greek islands

romantic cruise greece
Santorini, Greece

Greek island cruises are the most efficient way to tour a large number of Greek islands and cities in a short amount of time.

If you love romantic cruises, then you have another reason to choose Greece rather than Thailand. Romantic luxury cruises are quite popular with newlyweds visiting Greece.

These romantic cruises take you to several Greek islands and historic cities. These cruises are an excellent way to create lasting memories while enjoying delicious Greek cuisine, action-packed parties, and beautiful vistas of the Mediterranean.

Why you should not visit Greece over Thailand

Greece is expensive than Thailand

expensive honeymoon Greece

Greece is an excellent site for newlyweds to begin their new lives together, however many couples may find their honeymoon in Greece to be a bit pricey.

Greece is significantly more expensive for honeymoon couples than for solitary backpackers, owing to the fact that honeymooners typically spend the majority of their time on the Greek islands. Greece’s islands, such as Santorini and Mykonos, are more expensive than Thai islands.

Honeymooners want their honeymoon trip to be memorable, which is why they typically stay in luxurious villas on Greece’s islands and indulge in water sports and nightclubs, which are slightly more expensive than in other places.

Don’t go to Greece if you want Adventure

Thailand is a better option than Greece if you want an adventure-filled honeymoon.

In other words, if you dislike the water, beaches are not a priority, or you want to incorporate other aspects such as culture, wild safari, etc into your honeymoon, then Thailand is a better alternative than Greece.

Thailands vs Greece: Comparing Important Parameters

Thailand vs Greece: Cost

When we compare Thailand with Greece on a cost basis, Thailand comes out on top. Simply put, Thailand is much affordable in comparison to Greece. When comparing Greece with Thailand in terms of luxury villas, water sports, food, restaurants, and transportation, it is clear that Thailand is far cheaper. Therefore, if cost is a consideration, Thailand is a smarter choice.

Winner: Thailand

Thailand or Greece for Honeymoon: Best Time to visit

It is important to understand which are the best seasons to visit these two paradises before taking a final decision.

For Greece

Greece honeymoon season

Greece is best visited between April and early June, and then again between September and October. Greece’s islands will be much less crowded during this time period. 

Additionally, you’ll discover that accommodation and honeymoon tour prices are reduced during this time period. This is the finest time to experience Greece’s natural beauty with the least amount of crowds.

Whereas Greece’s peak season runs from late June through early September. This period will see an increase in crowds and pricing. August, in particular, is the most busier and expensive month in Greece for travelers.

For Thailand

Thailand honeymoon season

November to March is the best period to visit Thailand. This is the best period for water sports and beach vacations in Thailand. But if you hate crowds and want fewer crowds then you can visit Thailand from April to June. In this period you will find less crowd and lower prices in Thailand.

Winner: Both

Thailand vs Greece: Culture

Thailand vs Greece culture

If you love exploring new cultures and want to learn about various cultures, traditions, and rural life, I believe Thailand is a better option than Greece.

While you can visit numerous fascinating ancient ruins and museums in Greece, you will also discover that Greece is a modern European society. Whereas Thailand is a mainly Buddhist country, and the Thai people hold their Buddhist traditions and beliefs in high regard.

That is why, in Thailand, you will notice that culture influence every element of their society. Thailand has historic Buddhist temples, eastern spirituality, traditional Thai marketplaces, and rural Thailand at its best.

Thai culture, in my opinion, is quite fascinating because it is inspired by many cultures like Indian, Chinese, and Japanese culture. Therefore, if you or your spouse are culture enthusiasts, Thailand is an excellent alternative.

Winner: Thailand

Thailand vs Greece: Nightlife

Thailand vs Greece nightlife

When it comes to nightlife, Thailand is unquestionably the champion. Thailand is renowned as the world’s wildest party destination. Indeed, it is hard to explore Thailand’s nightlife in a single trip.

Thailand’s nightlife scene is characterized by beach parties, foam parties, full moon parties, pool parties, night markets, and cultural performances. Personally, I believe Thailand is the world’s top nightlife destination.

When it comes to Greece, one thing that is consistent throughout Greece is the action-packed nightlife. No matter where you are in Greece, whether in the city or on the islands, you will find nightclubs everywhere. Santorini, Mykonos, and Athens, in particular, are well-known for their nightclubs.

However, nightlife in Thailand is significantly more vibrant, busy, and dynamic than nightlife in Greece.

Winner: Thailand

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