Maldives or Thailand for Honeymoon? An honest comparison to HELP you choose!!

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Maldives or Thailand for Honeymoon? If you find yourself in this difficult situation, you’ve come to the right place for the answer.

Both of these locations have some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches, making it difficult to choose one for your honeymoon, family vacation, or holiday. While each of these locales is an incredibly popular vacation spot, they are rather different.

Before settling on one of them, you should undertake an extensive investigation. This is when the information in this post comes in handy. In this article, I’ve examined each of these destinations based on a variety of critical aspects to assist you in deciding which one to visit for your honeymoon vacation.

If you are a beach person seeking maximum luxury, romance, tranquillity, and seclusion on your honeymoon, consider Maldives over Thailand. If the beach is secondary to adventure and you want a taste of culture and nightlife, select Thailand over the Maldives.

Maldives or Thailand for Honeymoon: Which is better?

Travel Cost

The first big aspect influencing our travel expenses is the price of our flights.

The cost of a trip is governed by a number of factors, including the distance between your travel destinations, the place from where you will depart, and the airline tickets you purchase.

The following table summarises the typical cost of flying from major cities worldwide to Maldives and Thailand.

CityTravel ClassMaldivesThailand
New YorkEconomy
Premium economy


Los AngelesEconomy
Premium economy

Premium economy
Premium economy
Premium economy
Premium economy
Premium economy
Premium economy
New DelhiEconomy
Premium economy
Note: Prices might vary depending on the time of the year you visit and the travel class you choose.

Winner: Tie, the cost of traveling to both these places depend relatively on the place you visit from and the travel class you book.


Accommodation is another key issue that has a considerable impact on our trip expenses. Sometimes, lodging accounts for the lion’s part of our travel spending, that’s why it is critical to research accommodation costs before picking a destination.

Accommodation price becomes even more important when you are on a honeymoon trip or on a family vacation. The following table shows, the average accommodation price in Maldives and Thailand.

PlacesBudgetMid-range hotelVillas/Luxury rooms

When we compare the data given in the above table, it is clear that Thailand offers far cheaper accommodation than Maldives. This is no big surprise because Maldives and Thailand are totally opposite destinations.

Maldives or Thailand
Over-water bungalows in Maldives

Maldives is renowned as a top luxury destination in the world and it is a super expensive place. Maldives has adopted the “One island’ one resort” concept. That’s why most of the islands in Maldives are privately owned and are brimming with luxury resorts. That’s why unlike Thailand, Maldives lacks budget-friendly accommodation options.

A beachside resort in Thailand
A seaside hotel with a pool view in Koh Lanta

Thailand is recognized as the world’s cheapest travel destination. In comparison to Maldives, Thailand offers a diverse selection of accommodations ranging from budget to luxury. Therefore, regardless of whether you are a honeymooner, backpacker, or family vacationer, Thailand has affordable lodgings for all types of guests.

Winner: Thailand

Beaches: Which is better?

There is absolutely no comparison. Maldives offers some of the most stunning beaches on the planet. If you travel to Maldives, prepare yourself for the ultimate beach experience.

Maldives beaches
A white sandy beach in Maldives

Maldives beaches provide the ultimate in solitude and luxury due to Maldives “One island, one resort” idea. With their sapphire-blue lagoons, tropical atmosphere, and white sand beaches, the Maldives islands cast fascinating love charms.

Another advantage of the Maldives is its location in the center of the Indian Ocean. As a result, its islands are free of human meddling and pollution, which is why the Maldives’ beaches have retained their natural beauty.

Not only do Maldives outperform Thailand in terms of beaches, but it also outperformed Thailand in terms of water sports activities.

Thailand beach
Kho Poda beach, Khabi, Thailand

Thailand, too, features world-class beaches. However, they lag significantly behind Maldives. Thailand’s beaches are renowned for their powdery white sands and crystal clear waters. Unlike Maldives, Thailand’s beaches are frequently crowded. Furthermore, unlike Maldives, Thailand is not entirely focused on water and beaches, and hence Thailand resorts lack the sea-oriented infrastructure like overwater bungalows that can be found in the Maldives.

In other words, if you love to lie on a beach all day long, then pick Maldives over Thailand without a second thought.

Winner: Maldives


Thailand culture
Ancient city in Thailand

Thailand has a more vibrant and diverse culture than Maldives. There is more than 90% Buddhist population in Thailand. Thailand’s culture is mainly influenced by Indian, Chinese, and local Thai culture. There are many fascinating Buddhist temples all over Thailand. In other words, Thailand is a great place for anyone who is interested in eastern spirituality.

Chiang Mai and Bangkok are great places to explore different aspects of Thai culture. You can see many Buddhist temples, monuments, traditional Thai villages, traditional dances, and dramas, and much more in Thailand.

In comparison to Thailand, Maldives is not well-known for its culture. The majority of visitors to Maldives arrive directly to their private island and spend their entire stay in a resort or on the beach. That is why, except for the water and the beach, Maldives offers little to explore its culture.

Winner: Thailand

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Thai food
A food stall in Bangkok, Thailand

Thai cuisine is fairly well-known throughout the world. It is influenced by Indian, Chinese, and indigenous Thai culinary traditions. Thailand is the place to visit if you are a foreigner who likes spicy foods. Thai cuisines are based on noodles, meat, rice, curries, and spices. Additionally, Thai eateries are rather inexpensive. If you are a foodie, you should definitely taste some delectable Thai street cuisine.

Similar to Thai cuisine, Maldives cuisine is influenced by Indian cuisine. It is mainly focused on fish, coconut, rice, and a variety of vegetables. However, Maldives cuisine is more expensive and lacks diversity compared to Thai cuisine.

Comparison of Average Cost of food per day

Meal for Two
(Inexpensive Restaurant)
Meal for Two
(Mid-range Restaurant)
Beer $2.11$4.83
Cappuccino$1.81 $2.78
The average cost
of food per day

Winner: Thailand


Maldives is a pretty safe country. Violent crime targeted towards visitors is quite rare. Typically, most visitors to the Maldives arrive at their private resort and spend their whole vacation there or on the beach, where crime is nearly non-existent.

Thailand is also a relatively safe vacation destination. However, unlike the Maldives, Thailand’s biggest tourist destinations are frequently congested. Therefore, remain vigilant for minor crimes such as theft and pickpocketing. Apart from these minor offenses, violent crimes are quite rare in Thailand.  Also, tourist scams have proliferated in recent years as a result of the rising number of travelers.

Winner: Maldives


Thailand nightlife

Thailand is clearly the champion of nightlife. Thailand is recognized as the wildest party destination on the planet. Indeed, exploring Thailand’s nightlife in a single trip is difficult.

The nightlife culture in Thailand is defined by beach parties, foam parties, full moon parties, pool parties, night markets, and cultural performances. Thailand, in my opinion, is the world’s premier nightlife destination.

In comparison to Thailand, the Maldives features a low-key nightlife. Maldives is a popular honeymoon destination, renowned for its absolute privacy and calm ambiance. Maldives has no large nightclubs, bars, or pubs. That is why Maldives’ nightlife is virtually non-existent. Typically, couples in the Maldives choose to spend their nights in their resort.

Winner: Thailand

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Best Time to visit

While November to April is the best time to visit the Maldives, this is also the busiest and most expensive time of year. Due to the mild and sunny climate, this time of year is great for vacation in Maldives.

The best time to visit Thailand is from November through March. This is the greatest time of year to visit Thailand for water activities and beach vacations. However, if you despise crowds and want less of them, you can visit Thailand from April to June. Thailand will be less crowded and prices will be lower during this time period.

Winner: Tie

Maldives or Thailand for Honeymoon: Which is better?

Honeymoon in Maldives

Maldives is unquestionably a superior honeymoon destination to Thailand. Indeed, 84 percent of visitors to Maldives come for a honeymoon. Maldives is renowned as one of the world’s most romantic gateways. Its magnificent beaches and breathtaking beauty are unmatched in other regions of the world.

Maldives offers honeymooners the best in solitude, romance, and tranquility. Additionally, as a result of its popularity with honeymooners, Maldives resorts have specifically developed infrastructure taking into consideration the needs of honeymoon couples.

Thailand is also an excellent honeymoon destination. However, it is not suitable honeymoon destination for couples seeking romance, luxury, and seclusion. However, if you are a couple seeking adventure and the beach is not a priority, Thailand is the destination for you.

In comparison to the Maldives, Thailand offers a plethora of adventure activities. Additionally, Thailand is an extremely affordable location in comparison to Maldives. In other words, if the beach is not a priority for you and you are an adventure lover then go to Thailand for a honeymoon. But, if you are a beach lover who wants the ultimate experience of luxury, solitude, privacy, and romance then go to Maldives over Thailand.

Winner: Maldives

Maldives or Thailand for Family vacation: Which is better?

Thailand family vacation

Thailand is a much better place for a family vacation compared to the Maldives. Thailand has all the things that you demand for an ideal family vacation. Thailand has supercheap family-friendly accommodations. Thailand has plenty of adventure opportunities where you can take your family for entertainment like family-friendly beaches, elephant sanctuaries, cheap markets, cheap restaurants, and vibrant nightlife.

Maldives is an extravagant honeymoon location. It is in no way reasonable for family holidays. In comparison to Thailand, it is quite pricey, and it is difficult to locate affordable family accommodation in Maldives. Additionally, except for the ocean and beaches, there is little for your family to explore.

Winner: Thailand

Maldives or Thailand for Solo travelers: Which is better?

Solo travelling in Thailand

Thailand is unquestionably the best destination in the world for solo travelling. Thailand is equipped with everything a solo traveler might desire! Thailand has become the most popular solo travel destination in recent years, owing to a diverse range of adventure prospects, including a diverse range of beaches, Buddhist temples, vibrant culture, vibrant nightlife, cheap markets, elephant sanctuaries, traditional villages, and eastern spirituality.

Again, Maldives is unsuitable for solo travelers. As a solo traveler, you anticipate a plethora of adventure opportunities and moderately priced accommodation options, both of which are lacking in Maldives. Apart from the ocean and the beach, Maldives has little to offer to solo travelers.

Winner: Thailand

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