Lake Austin Vs Lake Travis: Guide to an Epic Bachelorrete Party in Austin, Texas?

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My little sister is getting married. And she’s that girl that has been planning her wedding since before even she could say the word “wedding”.  

So, for a 23-year-old, fresh out of college and on her own for the first time, transforming years of daydreaming into dollar signs has been a bitter taste of reality for her.  

She’s been a good sport about it though, and her diligent optimism has turned the hunt for the lowest price into part of the fun of wedding planning. 

There was one thing she forgot about, though. The bachelorette party

And for those of you reading this because you’re planning a bachelorette party, too, I got you.  

Read on for all the info you will need to plan an amazing weekend for the Bride-to-Be in your life. 

Lake Austin Vs Lake Travis for a Bachelorette Party? 

Yacht parties and boat rentals are “the thing” to do these days it seems.  

And my little sister fully believes in partaking all the trends (I mean, if that many people like something, there’s got to be something to it, right?).  

So, initially I was going to do a comparison of Lake Travis boat parties versus Lake Austin boat parties for a Bachelorette extravaganza.  

But when you consider that “Lake” Austin is, um, well…a RIVER…I decided to craft the perfect weekend itinerary instead.  

Really and truly, when it comes to the boat parties, there is way more going on at Lake Travis.  

Possibly due to the availability of open water on which to tie yachts together for a party barge…but, hey, I’m just guessing here.  

But we will come back to this in a bit…. 

Activity #1: Friday Night Out 

You and your friends have made your way to the designated meeting place.  

Maybe everyone drove themselves when they got off work. Maybe you all rode together from a small rural town a hour or two away. 

Maybe a little of both. You probably all know each other, or at least can put a name with a face.  

But whether you’re all besties or just long-distance acquaintances, you’re all hoping for a fun weekend. 

So, for the icebreaker activity, there are a couple of fun, low key options instead of going straight to 6th Street. 

Imagine amazing, immersive, “extraordinary” art, that engages all of your senses. Plus, cocktails! I would call that a win-win.  

With 14 interactive exhibits (that are always changing, I might add), and a full bar, Wonderspaces is a very classy and fun way to start your Bachelorette weekend. 

DIY, with a Twist 

Remember that painting place where you can drink wine while learning how to paint a picture?  

This is even cooler.  

Upstairs Circus is basically a DIY workshop, but with…wait for it...a full bar. 

I know. 

They have all kinds of cool projects to choose from with mediums ranging from concrete to leather. And something to please every person in your party. 

Pole Dancing 

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking. Pole dancing? Really? I thought we were keeping it classy here? 

Well, this is no dark club with scantily clad employees.  

Sky Candy is an actual circus training center in Austin, and they teach pole dancing, along with burlesque dancing, aerial, and trapeze.  

It’s a great way to get some exercise in before a very indulgent Saturday with the girls! 

Activity #2: Saturday Brunch 

Let’s be honest here…you probably ended up on 6th Street or Rainey Street after the icebreaker activity. And that’s ok. That was part of the plan.  

Also, part of the plan: brunch! 

Now, you only need to decide if you would rather walk or ride the bus.  

Several companies offer a brunch tour, complete with cocktails.  

Standing apart from the rest, though, is Texas Twisted Tours, offering both a walking tour as well as a bus tour. 

Their ‘704 Boozy Walking Tour takes you to 4 different food stops (with booze!) over about two and a half hours. And if you’re ready to get even more into party mode, their Boozy Brunch Bus will take you to 3 different eating spots, over the course of about 3 hours (with booze!), AND, there is a live band on the bus. Like, actually.  

How cool is that? 

Texas Twisted Tours also offers several other kinds of bus tours, in addition to the Brunch Bus, and all come complete with a live band.  

It really is a bucket-list kind of a thing. Just sayin’. 

Activity #3: I’m on a Boat! 

Lake Austin Vs Lake Travis party cruise

…and I got my “flippy floppies.” I do. And they cost me a whole $1, y’all, because that’s how we do lake time in the ATX. 

Back to the boats and floats, though. There are a few options here.  

Like I mentioned earlier, Lake Austin does offer some boat rentals. 

Basically, a pontoon boat and a captain to drive it. Some extras, as needed, and upon request.  

Float-On Boat Rentals actually, has a very wide range of options and pricing for small and large groups, and they do offer rentals for both Lake Travis and Lake Austin. 

But if we’re going to go big or go home for the finale of our Bachelorette Weekend, we need to head on over to Lake Travis, and find a yacht to rent.  

Again, there are several companies to choose from, and almost all of them will include a captain, a deckhand, set ups for your alcoholic beverages (they’re all BYOB, by the way– and remember NO GLASS), and the obligatory oversized inflatable floating toys. 

One company, Premier Party Cruises, even provides a giant “ridiculous” inflatable unicorn. That holds like 15 grown adults. True story.  

The unicorn is part of their Disco Cruise, which also includes a professional photographer so you can just worry about having fun, not about keeping up with your camera. 

Once you’re out on the water, you can choose to float, cruise, or tie off to other yachts and create a party barge type atmosphere.

Devil’s Cove is a well-known spot for tying off, and one will often see rows of boats and giant inflatables when the weather and water are right. 

So, Lake Travis or Lake Austin? 

Although both bodies of water offer boat rentals, as well as things like water ski rentals, fishing, and classes teaching canoeing, kayaking and sailing (thanks to the Austin Parks and Recreation Department), if you are looking for a party atmosphere, Lake Travis is the better choice. It is a bit farther from the center of town, but has so many more options for activities. 

Lake Austin 


  • Close to downtown
  • Pontoon rentals 


  • Basically, just a big river
  • Limited by size and water depth 

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Lake Travis 


  • Greater surface area and water depth
  • Party boats 
  • Better for skiing and the like
  • Can SCUBA dive there 


  • 30 miles from downtown 

Ultimately, geographical convenience, along with your target length of time, and desired lake activities, will determine which lake is better suited for your group. 

Winding it Down 

After a full day of brunching and sunning, the sun is setting over the horizon and your captain is headed back to dock.

You may have gotten your second wind and be ready for another night out on the town, or you may be ready for an Uber to take you to your hotel or AirBnB.  

Either way, you’ll be smiling ear to ear thinking of the wonderful memories made over the course of the weekend. 

And whether the Bride-To-Be is your sister, best friend, or even a soon-to-be-in-law, she will feel so very special that someone took the time to plan such an awesome Bachelorette Weekend just for her. 

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