Is Sedona Worth Visiting in 2023? 13 Reasons Why You Must Visit!

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Located to the north of Phoenix city near Flagstaff, Arizona, Sedona also known as the ‘Red Rock Country’ is a desert wonder with its spectacular array of natural red rock formations, green vegetation and fantastic hiking trails.

With so many Canyons to explore in Arizona one is bound to ask ‘What’s so special about Sedona?’ and ‘Is Sedona worth visiting?’. If you are thinking if Sedona is worth your dime and time, then read on as we will dive into the reasons why it is.

Sedona, the ‘Red Rock Country🏜’ is definitely worth visiting. Sedona is home to spectacular and surreal red rock formations and is a haven for outdoor adventure enthusiasts with picturesque nature trails and is also known for its fantastic arts and crafts culture and its spiritually rejuvenating vortexes.

Is Sedona worth visiting? 

What is the best time to visit Sedona?

March to May is the best time to visit Sedona as the weather is sunny and warm without the scorching heat and the area is in full bloom making it an ideal time for hiking.

How many days do you need in Sedona?

4-5 days are enough to explore Sedona’s hiking trails, vortexes, arts scene and sites of cultural and historical importance.

What are the 4 energy vortexes in Sedona?

The 4 major Energy vortexes in Sedona can be experienced at Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Boynton Canyon with each believed to be raditing its own healing energies.

How much does a vacation to Sedona cost?

Vacation typeAverage cost of a 4-5 day trip
Family vacation (Family of four)$3789

Average cost of  accommodation in Sedona?

Accommodation typeAverage cost of accomodation per person/day
Budget $32

13 Amazing reasons to visit Sedona

A haven for outdoor enthusiasts🧗

sedona mountain biking
Image by Bureau of Land Management via Flickr

The fact that Sedona is surrounded by 1.8 million acres of natural forest land speaks volumes about the abundance of adventure activities available in the ‘Red Rock Country.’

Outside magazine named Sedona the new Mecca of mountain biking in the United States. That says a lot about Sedona’s red, rugged, and radiant mountainous terrain, which now draws thousands of mountain bike enthusiasts each year with its annual mountain bike festival.

Sedona has 120 trails, each of which is unique and beautiful in its own way. Sedona has trials for every type of traveler, from kids to casual tourists to amateur hikers to professionals who dare to tread the gut-wrenching paths to explore the hidden beauty of Sedona’s rocky terrains.

Exceptional Weather all year around☀️

Sedona winter

One of the wonderful things about Sedona is that, as a desert region, it enjoys more than 300 days of glorious sunshine, even during the winter.

If the summer months in Sedona are known for painting the horizon with vibrant colors as the sun shines on the red and rugged rocks, the winter months in Sedona are known for lighting up the night sky with snow and twinkling stars, creating a magical wonderland.

Many believe that winters in Sedona are more beautiful than summers. The majority of tourist attractions are less crowded, providing ample opportunity to explore Sedona’s captivating beauty and history.

Ample sunshine and mild temperatures make winters ideal for exploring Sedona’s fantastic trails.

Best things to do in Sedona during winters

1) Hot-air balloon rides

2) Helicopter excursions

3) Jeep tours

4) Horseback rides

5) Hiking and biking trails

6) Kayaking

7) Explore wineries and Museums

8) Rejuvenate yourself with spas and energy inducing vortexes

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock

I’m sure you’ve seen photos of this iconic range of mountains with red rock formations and a golden red sky floating around on social media, wallpapers, and your desktop screensaver.

Cathedral Rock is the most photographed landmark and one of the main tourist attractions that can be seen right from the highway entrance to Sedona.

Cathedral Rock has wonderful trails for exploring Sedona’s rugged terrain and radiant beauty. The trails range from easy and short to strenuous and risky for thrill seekers.

If you are hiking Cathedral Rock for the first time, you should hire a guide because it can be confusing and difficult for inexperienced hikers. Once you’ve overcome the mental and physical challenges of these trails, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of Oak Creek and Red Rock State Park.

Cathedral Rock is also one of the five major vortexes in Sedona that is said to possess physical, emotional and spiritual healing properties.

Bell Rock

Bell Rock

Bell Rock is one of Sedona’s main attractions and the second most photographed landmark. As the name implies, this natural rock formation is shaped like a massive bell and is home to a number of short trails, including the Bell Rock Pathway and the Courthouse Butte Loop.

Bell Rock is a great landmark for easy hiking trails for visitors who want to simply enjoy the stunning desert views.

For those looking for the ultimate thrill, the Bell Rock trail hike is the perfect place to put your hiking skills to the test, with steep cliffs and boulders that take you up the face of the rock.

Bell Rock is one of Sedona’s five major vortexes, and it is thought to transmit masculine energy, which helps to inspire stimulating thoughts and ideas.

Chapel of the Cross⛪️

Chapel of Cross

This iconic Roman Catholic Chapel in Arizona sits directly atop two round red rocks and overlooks the Verde Valley. Its architecture blends beautifully with Sedona’s natural backdrop of red and rugged mountainous terrain.

From the inside of the Chapel, the views of the picturesque Verde valley are unrivalled. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the Chapel to marvel at its engineering feats and, above all, to experience the peaceful atmosphere of the site.

To avoid the frantic limited parking space, visit the Chapel early in the morning for a more tranquil experience.

Devil’s Bridge

Image by Matthew Field via Flickr

The Devil’s Bridge is one of Sedona’s most popular hiking trails, and it features the largest sandstone arch, which you can walk through while admiring the valley’s breathtaking views.

The Devil’s Bridge hike is 4 miles round-trip and is often rated as easy to moderately difficult. The hike leads you through a plethora of breathtaking views before arriving at the bridge.

Make sure to leave early because the Devil’s Bridge is also a popular photoshoot location, making it more crowded after 10 a.m.

Montezuma Castle

Montezuma Castle- Is Sedona worth visiting?

This incredible piece of history is a must-see on the way from Phoenix to Sedona. The Montezuma Castle is the third National Monument dedicated to the preservation and education of ancient Native American culture.

The twenty room high-rise apartment, nestled between limestone cliff stands as a testament to the hard work of Sinagua tribe culture and tells a tale of resilience, ingenuity and survival in the unforgiving desert landscape.

If you are a history buff, you must visit this castle during your visit to Sedona, as it transports you directly to an era when life was as harsh and rugged as Sedona’s landscape.

Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village🎨

Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village
Image by Jared via Wikimedia Commons

Sedona, in addition to being known for its spiritually enhancing vortexes, has a thriving art scene. Sedona’s art scene reflects its cultural diversity, Native American history, and the red rugged landscapes of the area.

Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village is a small outdoor shopping centre that sells Native American jewellery as well as arts, crafts, and paintings by local and international artists.

This outdoor shopping centre with traditional Mexican style architecture, huge shade trees, cobblestone streets, and a beautiful romantic setting is ideal for relaxing, exploring, and chatting with local artists.

Airport Mesa Overlook

Airport mesa overlook

Airport Mesa Overlook is the best location in Sedona for panoramic views of Red Rock throughout Sedona.

Airport Mesa is also one of Sedona’s five major vortexes, believed to transmit ‘masculine‘ energy, which is said to promote rejuvenation, creativity, and inspiration.

Airport Mesa is also an excellent location for an easy hike, as it features a short trail that leads directly uphill to the Airport, and if you arrive early enough in the morning, you’ll be treated to one of Sedona’s most breathtaking sunset views.

Boynton Canyon

Boynton Canyon
Image by Denny Armstrong via Wikimedia Commons

The Boynton Canyon, as the name suggests, is famous for its beautiful and tall standing canyons, Crimson cliffs, and picturesque views of landscapes.

The Boynton Canyon was a spiritually significant site for the Yavapai-Apache tribe’s native people, and it is located between two spires, Kachina Women to the east and an unnamed red rock formation to the west.

The Boynton Canyon is ideal for visitors who do not want to navigate difficult trails and instead want to enjoy an easy hike with spectacular views of the Canyon walls and the pervasive peacefulness of the vortex.

Boynton Canyon is considered to be the most powerful vortex in Sedona by many, which is believed to transmit both, masculine and feminine energies.

Verde Valley Wine Trail🍷

Verde Valley Wine Trail
Image by Verde Canyon Railroad via Flickr

Isn’t it true that when you think of Sedona, you don’t think of wine? You’d be surprised to learn that Sedona has a plethora of excellent wineries where wine connoisseurs can sample some delectable locally made wine.

These vineyards are mostly found in Verde Valley, which has a dry climate and plenty of water for grapes to thrive. The Verde Valley wine trail passes through several local vineyards, including Alcantara Page Springs, Oak Creek, and Javelina Leap, as well as tasting rooms.

Enjoy the picturesque views on the Pink Jeep Tours🛻


Want to enjoy Sedona’s beauty without having to hike all of the exhausting trails or take a break from your hiking expeditions?

If so, the Pink Jeep tours are a popular and excellent way to explore Sedona’s scenic trails, cliffs, Canyons, and rejuvenating vortexes. These tours, which are exclusive to Pink Jeep tours, take you through some of the most popular as well as lesser-known trails with a super-fun and knowledgeable guide.

Pink Jeep tours are a great way for families with small children or senior citizens to explore Sedona’s vibrant landscape and history.

Enjoy a rejuvenating massage at resort spas🧘🏻‍♀️

Thai massage

As one of the most spiritually enchanting locations in the United States, with energy-inducing vortexes, it’s unsurprising that Sedona also has a slew of world-class spas that utilise ancient Native American healing techniques.

Exotic spas in Sedona are the ideal way to rejuvenate and unwind following a few days of strenuous hiking trails. Many of these spas are situated in the middle of Sedona’s breathtaking landscape, allowing you to gaze out over the awe-inspiring vistas.

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