Is Busch Gardens Worth It? You Bet! 7 Good Reasons Why it is?

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You’ve worked hard all year long saving money for an awesome summer vacation with the family, and are maybe thinking about amusement parks in the US. With so many choices, it can get overwhelming, especially if you are really wanting to get the most bang for your buck. 

Perhaps you’re considering the park with the mouse mascot or the place with the flags? Before you book your super expensive trendy amusement park vacation, read on.

When considering a themed fun park, there are many factors to ponder. The location, attractions, price, hotels, food, etc. 

Well be sure to put Busch Gardens on your short list! With amusement parks in both Tampa, Florida and Williamsburg, Virginia, Busch Gardens is a family friendly, affordable spot for tons of fun. 

But is Busch Gardens worth it? The short answer is an astounding YES! Here are the reasons why…

Is Busch Gardens Worth It? Here are 7 reasons why it is-

The Rides- Duh!🎢

Busch Gardens ride Scorpion
Image credit: Image by Smudgie’s Ghost on Wikimedia Commons

Amusement parks are known for thrilling rides and both of the Busch Gardens parks offer some of the most thrilling thrill rides of all. Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay features no less than 7 roller coasters! 

If there’s one ride you shouldn’t miss out at Busch Gardens is the super thrilling Iron Gwazi ride. The brand new Iron Gwazi is now open and reaches 76 miles per hour with a drop from 206 feet at 91 degrees.

If you want to get the most out of this incredible ride, go at night with neon lights on the Iron Gwazi. Seeing Iron Gwazi at night is reason enough to visit Busch Gardens.

🎢 Pro tip: Make sure you reach 45 minutes early in the morning. Being one of the best rides in Busch Gardens, queue wait times usually extend to more than 30 min as the crowds start arriving early in the morning.

The SheiKra Coaster is another extreme roller coaster. Or maybe try Florida’s classic steel monster, the Kumba

Like to spin around in circles at high speeds? Cobra’s Curse might be for you! Tigris, Cheetah Hunt and Montu are 3 other coasters guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg is known as the thrill capital of the east coast with several roller coasters and exciting rides. The new Pantheon is touted as the world’s fastest multi-launch coaster. Or maybe you’ll prefer the Alpengeist which features six inversions.

Other fun rides to try are the Tempesto, the Loch Ness Monster and Apollo’s Chariot.

Got young kiddos? Busch Gardens offers several children’s rides and play areas throughout both parks. Your kids are sure to have a blast with many attractions featuring Sesame Street Characters.

Cool off with amazing water slides🏄🏼‍♂️

Water country park

In addition to the high speed roller coasters, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay features water rides such as the Congo River Rapids and the Stanley Falls Flume. The perfect way to cool off on a hot Florida day. 

Water Country Park is located directly across the street from Busch Gardens and is only a 10-minute walk away. It is one of the largest water parks in the world and the largest in Florida.

This massive water park is a haven for every kind of thrill-seeker, from kids to adults, whether you are on a family vacation, honeymoon, or enjoying your spring break with your buddies.

The water country park has it all, from the low-thrill and fun water slide H2O UFO for kids to the medium-thrill Malibu Pipeline slide for teenagers to the high-thrill rides Colossal Curl and Vanish Point for adults.

The Animals- Who Doesn’t Love Animals?🐘

Busch Gardens animal exhibits

Love animals? We bet you didn’t know that both of the campuses of Busch Gardens have amazing animal exhibits. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is a humane accredited zoo with more than 200 species, many of which are endangered. 

With rhinos, sloths, tigers, cheetahs, lions, gorillas, giraffes, zebras, hyenas, penguins and many more animals to view, including several interaction opportunities.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has several animal attractions as well. You can visit the park’s six Clydesdale horses, black pass sheep, Scottish Highland cattle and gray wolves. Kids will love learning about wild birds of prey, reptiles and border collies. 

The Beer- Enough Said!🍺

Busch Gardens beer

Originally owned by the beer company Anheuser-Busch and now run by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, Busch Gardens has been traditionally associated with beer! 

Although beer is no longer brewed at either of the parks, Busch Gardens is still the amusement park for beer lovers from around the world. In fact, at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, guests 21 and over receive 2 free beers with their park ticket all summer long! With rotating taps throughout the summer, how fun is this perk? 

Busch Gardens Williamsburg is also a beer lover’s paradise. They feature an Oktoberfest beer garden, a Brauhaus Craft Bier Room with 30 rotating taps and a Gorgan’s Irish Pub with 22 rotating taps, as well as traditional food pairings to go along with the beer. 

The Super Fun Shows💃

Busch Gardens shows

Busch Gardens is known for its fantastic educational and entertaining shows. The Tampa Bay park has an ice skating show, an acrobatic performance and a summer fireworks celebration in addition to 2 kids themed Sesame Street Shows including Storytime at Sesame Street Safari of Fun. 

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has the six time award winning Celtic Frye Show, as well as Oktoberzest and Bel Concertino. Children of all ages love the live Sunny Days Celebration Sesame Street performance. Family fun for everyone!

Treat Yo Self with amazing food🍕

Food Sarasota or Naples for vacation

After a thrilling ride and learning about majestic animals, you’re probably hungry. Don’t be concerned; Busch Gardens has you covered.

Aside from thrilling rides, amazing animals, spectacular shows, and a lively vibe, Busch Gardens also boasts some of the best “Finger lickin good” dishes, including burgers and fries, Italian, Asian, and finest desserts that will leave you wanting more.

The Price of Packages💵

One of the best parts of Busch Gardens is their affordable pricing! There is a Busch Gardens Membership program that starts as low as $13.25 a month and is one of the best deals around if you are lucky enough to live near one of the amusement parks. 

With fantastic benefits such as unlimited visits, free parking and guest tickets as well as other perks, Busch Garden Membership is an unbeatable deal for year round fun. 

Visiting from out of town and don’t have a car? 🚗

There are fabulous packages like 1, 2 or 3 day tickets, Fun Cards and Preschool Passes with free shuttle service. You can get 30% off a date specific ticket and add on an all day dining for great deals on food and beverages.

Have you heard horror stories of guests paying up to $18 for a soft drink at some amusement parks? 

No worries about that at Busch Gardens. They offer some of the best values in the industry.

Looking for an all-inclusive family vacation? Busch Gardens has you covered with their affordable vacation packages combining accommodations with park entrance tickets and other benefits. 

One of their current packages is called Everyone Eats Free and you get your hotel stay, 3 tickets to the park, 3 meals and free admission to sister parks like Water Country, USA. Wow!


So is a visit to Busch Gardens worth it? You betcha! With 2 fun parks to choose from, some of the most thrilling rides in the world, animal interactions and fabulous, entertaining shows all at an affordable family friendly price, Busch Gardens is most definitely worth it! 

You’ll spend more money at the local county state fair. And don’t forget the beer! Busch Gardens is the ultimate entertaining summer vacation for both children and adults. 

💡Pro tip: Make sure to download the Busch Gardens app to-

  1. Get showtimes
  2. Queue wait times
  3. Great interactive map of the park

Always buy the tickets online.

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What is the best time to visit the Busch Gardens?

The Busch Gardens is open 365 days a year, but the best time to visit is from early January to early March before Spring Break and summer holidays, and from July to September if you can stand the heat, as crowds are at their lowest during these months.

Apart from the best time of year, the best time to visit Busch Gardens is 45 minutes before the park opens in the morning, when there is no rush and you have enough time to enjoy all of the rides and shows without having to wait in long queues.

How many days do you need to explore Busch Gardens?

If you want to experience all of the popular rides and animal exhibits at Busch Gardens, one day is all you need. Simply arrive 45 minutes early in the morning to avoid long lines.

If you intend to enjoy every ride at Busch Gardens and want a more up-close interaction with animals with the add-on pass, as well as enjoy the thrilling water slides at Water Country Park, then two days are sufficient to explore the entire park.

Is the Quick Queue worth it?

If you’re visiting Busch Gardens on weekends or holidays when the lines are particularly long, a quick queue pass is worth it if you want priority access to all of the rides multiple times (except the Iron Gwazi) without having to wait in long queues.

Is an all day dining plan worth it?

If you intend to spend your entire day at the park, from early in the morning to late in the evening, and want to eat at least two meals, the all-day dining plan is well worth it.

Are pets allowed inside Busch Gardens and Water Country?

Except for service animals, no pets are permitted inside Busch Gardens. If you are traveling with your pet, Busch Gardens has an excellent on-site kennel located at the front of the main parking lot, directly across from the first tram stop.

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