Bali or Greece for Honeymoon? An Honest Comparison to Help You Choose!

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For a honeymoon, should you go to Bali or Greece? If you are perplexed by this question, this essay is for you. And, without a doubt, both Greece and Bali are fantastic honeymoon places. However, these two locations are very different.

It is clear from a comparison of both Greece and Bali that both of these places are quite unique and magnificent in their own right. So, you must have done a deep comparison of these both places in order to choose your honeymoon destination.

Having visited both locations, we’ve compared them based on a variety of criteria to assist you in selecting the ideal honeymoon vacation.

If you want to spend your honeymoon with your spouse in a romantic setting, choose Greece over Bali. If you’re on a budget and want to experience world-class luxury resorts at an inexpensive price, adventure, intriguing eastern culture, and world-class tropical beaches, choose Bali over Greece.

Bali or Greece for Honeymoon?

Why you should visit Bali over Greece


If you’re on a budget and looking for a place that offers world-class luxury resorts at affordable pricing, plenty of adventure opportunities, plus the chance to experience intriguing eastern culture and world-class tropical beaches, choose Bali over Greece. Bali is the place that has something for everyone!!

Bali has something for everyone!!

Bali honeymoon

Bali and Thailand are some of the few places in the world that have something for everyone!! 

Bali and Greece are vastly different from each other. Greece has a natural mellow vibe and is an excellent country for sightseeing, whilst Bali has everything an adventurous person might desire.

Bali is not just about sea sand and sun. Indeed, it is exceedingly difficult to experience everything Bali has to offer in a single trip.

Bali is a tropical paradise with stunning beaches, beautiful waterfalls, delicious food, the luxury of modest honeymoon resorts, traditional dances, and dramas, and a bustling nightlife. It’s a destination to discover the eastern culture, breathtaking scenery, ancient temples, rural Bali, lush green forest, and traditional local markets.

In other words, Bali is a great honeymoon destination for adventurous couples.

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Bali has Rich and Vibrant Culture as compare to Greece

bali culture

Culture is another reason why Bali is one of the most popular destinations in the world. When international tourists visit Bali, they are frequently mesmerized by the Balinese culture.

In Bali, regardless of whether you are in a hotel lobby or a restaurant, you will feel the influence of Balinese culture everywhere, which is what distinguishes Bali from Greece. Culture and religion play a significant role in the Balinese people’s everyday lives. That’s why this small island has more than 20,000 temples!!

Hinduism and Buddhism both have an influence on Balinese culture. Apart from its beaches and nightlife, Bali is well-known for its old temples, strange customs, traditional dances and dramas, traditional arts and crafts, museums, and traditional villages.

If you’re interested, you can explore these old temples to experience eastern spirituality, as well as watch and participate in traditional Balinese cultural activities. Therefore, if your spouse enjoys exploring other cultures, Bali is unquestionably a better option than Greece.

Bali has World-class Beaches

Bali honeymoon beaches

Bali beaches are known for their white sand beaches and crystal clear water. Greece’s beaches offer a natural, peaceful, romantic atmosphere, whilst Bali’s beaches offer a multitude of opportunities for adventure.

Bali is a world-class water sports location. This is why Bali attracts thousands of divers and surfers from all around the globe to its beaches. Bali, in particular, is a world-class surfing and snorkeling destination.

Additionally, Bali’s beaches are more lively and packed than Greek beaches. Thus, Balinese beaches are ideal for couples seeking adventure.

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Why you should not visit Bali over Greece?

If expense is not an issue and you are a complete beach bum with no interest in culture or adventure, then avoid Bali. In other words, you should select Bali over Greece if you enjoy the culture and adventure and are willing to spend your honeymoon touring the island’s various regions.

If you are a pure Romance Lover and not interested in Adventure

bali adventure honeymoon
Sanur, Bali

If you’re looking for pure romance and aren’t an adventure seeker, skip Bali in favor of Greece.

Bali is the ideal honeymoon destination for couples who want to spend their time discovering the many features of the island.

However, if you are a romance lover who wishes to spend your honeymoon on a beach in a tranquil and romantic setting, Bali is not a suitable choice.

Overcrowded and unclean Beaches

In recent years, Bali has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Bali welcomes millions of tourists each year from Europe, China, and the United States.

However, it has harmed Bali’s natural beauty. Bali has gotten increasingly congested and chaotic. Bali beaches, as a result, are slightly more crowded and unsanitary than Greek beaches. But, recently, Bali has banned plastic in order to reduce the unwanted waste on the beaches.

Thus, if you want to spend time alone with your husband or avoid chaos or crowds on your honeymoon, Greece is a better option than Bali.

Why you should visit Greece over Bali?

greece honeymoon

If you adore the ocean and are willing to spend slightly more money (in comparison to Bali) and your definition of a dream honeymoon involves romance with your spouse in a picture-perfect location where you can enjoy breathtaking views and romantic sunset in a calm and relaxing atmosphere, and where you can feel the romance at every moment of the day, choose Greece over Bali.

Greece is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples who love romance, sightseeing, good food, and ancient architecture.

World-famous Romantic Destination

bali vs greece for honeymoon

Greece without a doubt is one of the most romantic places for newlyweds.

Without a question, Greece’s islands, such as Santorini and Mykonos, with their traditional whitewashed architecture, romantic sunset, and stunning scenery are among the most picturesque and romantic locations on the planet.

Greek islands are famous for their mesmerizing natural romantic ambiance. In terms of islands, Greek islands offer a more romantic and calming ambiance than Balinese islands.

Fascinating Greek history and architecture

athens greece

Greece is a great destination for history and architecture buffs. Apart from its lovely islands, Greece is internationally renowned for its ancient history and architecture.

Indeed, Ancient Greece made significant contributions to architecture, philosophy, mathematics, and art. Even now, relics of ancient buildings can be found dispersed over Greece.

If you are interested in ancient history and architecture, you can spend a few days in cities such as Athens and Delphi, where you can explore ancient Greek structures, arts, and museums.

Heavenly Greece cuisine

Mediterranean Cuisine

Furthermore, how could I overlook the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine!! 

Greece is renowned for its delectable Mediterranean cuisine. Greek cuisine is influenced by the civilizations of Turkey, Italy, and the Middle East.

Not only is Greek cuisine delectable, but it is also quite healthy. Greeks use a lot of olive oil, seafood, lean meats, veggies, herbs, and grains in their food.

Greece’s Romantic cruises

romantic cruise greece
Santorini, Greece

If you enjoy romantic cruises, yet another reason to visit Greece instead of Bali.

We all know that Greece is home to numerous fascinating islands, each of which offers a distinct experience and breathtaking scenery. However, many couples cant visit all of these islands due to a lack of time.

However, if you’re looking to explore many Greek islands and towns in a short amount of time, Greece romantic cruises are your best bet. These romance cruises visit a number of Greek islands and historic cities.

These luxury cruises are especially popular among newlyweds who visit Greece. These cruises are a wonderful way to create lasting memories while sampling delectable Greek cuisine, attending action-packed parties, and admiring the Mediterranean’s stunning scenery.

Peaceful and Relaxing atmosphere

Romantic greece

Greece is a perfect destination for couples seeking a tranquil, soothing, and romantic honeymoon experience complete with delectable Greek cuisine, beautiful sunsets, and dazzling whitewashed architecture. Greece’s islands, in comparison to Bali, are less crowded, more relaxing, romantic, and serene.

Why you should no visit Greece over Bali?

Greece is Expensive

expensive honeymoon greece

Greece is a great place for newlyweds to begin their new life together, yet a number of newlyweds will have a tough time finding affordable honeymoon accommodations in Greece.

Honeymooners often spend most of their time on Greek islands, therefore their honeymoon will be substantially more expensive than for lone backpackers.

For a honeymoon, couples usually choose a luxury villa on Greece’s islands and spend time participating in water sports and going to nightclubs, which are a bit more expensive than elsewhere.

Not a good option for Adventure Lovers

people 1578444 1280 1 Bali or Greece for Honeymoon? An Honest Comparison to Help You Choose!
Santorini, Greece

If you’re looking for an adventurous honeymoon, Bali is a better choice than Greece. Greece is suited for couples who love relaxation, sightseeing, good food, and luxury resorts.

In other words, if you despise the ocean and beaches are not a priority, or if you want to include other components in your honeymoons such as culture, wild safaris, and other adventurous activities, Greece is a better choice than Greece for your honeymoon.

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Bali vs Greece: Comparing Important Parameters

Bali vs Greece: Cost

When we look at the cost of living in Bali against Greece, Bali comes out on top in every category. To put it another way, Bali is significantly more inexpensive than Greece.

It’s no secret that prominent European honeymoon destinations are far more expensive than other major honeymoon destinations across the world. Greece, like many other European countries, is expensive too.

When it comes to Bali, it is a rather inexpensive destination. In fact, Bali is one of the most affordable major honeymoon destinations in the world.

When comparing the costs of luxury villas, water sports, cuisine, restaurants, and transportation in Greece and Bali, it is obvious that Bali is far less expensive than Greece. So when it comes to saving money, Bali is a better option than other countries.

Winner: Bali

Bali vs Greece: Accommodation

The below table shows, the average accommodation price in Bali and Greece

PlacesBudgetMid-range hotelVillas/Luxury rooms

As the data in the preceding table indicates, accommodation in Greece is more expensive than in Bali. However, this is unsurprising given that Bali is a third-world country and one of the world’s cheapest travel destinations, but Greece is a European country with many world-famous luxury tourist destinations like Santorini and Mykonos.

Santorini, in particular, is a prohibitively expensive vacation due to its reputation as Europe’s most romantic honeymoon location. Three to six months in advance is recommended to get reasonable accommodation in Santorini.

In comparison to Greece, Bali is famed for its reasonably priced accommodations. Along with Thailand, Bali is home to some of the cheapest luxury hotels in the world. In comparison to Greece, Bali has a broader selection of accommodations ranging from budget to luxury.

Bali has affordable lodging options for everyone, whether you’re on a honeymoon, a family vacation, or a backpacker!! Thus, if your budget is constrained but you wish to stay in premium hotels, Bali is the place for you.

Bali vs Greece: Food

Comparison of Average Cost of food per day

Meal for Two
(Inexpensive Restaurant)
Meal for Two
(Mid-range Restaurant)
Beer $4.19$4.40
The average cost
of food per day

Again, you can see that Bali is significantly more economical than Greece when it comes to food.

Bali vs Greece: Best time to visit


Between April and early June, then again between September and October, is the finest time to visit Greece. During this time period, Greece’s islands will be significantly less busy.

Additionally, you’ll discover that hotel and honeymoon tour fees are decreased during this time period. This is the best time to explore Greece’s natural beauty with the fewest crowds.

Whereas the peak season in Greece is from late June to early September. Crowds and prices will increase throughout this time period. August, in particular, is the busiest and most expensive month for vacationers in Greece.


Bali has two seasons, dry season and rainy season. November to March is known as the rainy season of Bali. In this season, Bali receives an abundance of rain and it is really a bad time to visit Bali.

April to October is known as the dry season of Bali and it is the best time to visit Bali. Balis dry season offers a pleasant temperature for water sport or outdoor activities. However, this season is Bali’s busiest period for tourism. So, in the dry season, you will find a surge in accommodation prices.

But, if you book immediately before April or just after September, you’ll benefit from a little discount on hotel costs.

Bali vs Greece: Culture

Bali vs Greece Culture

If you enjoy cultural exploration and want to learn about diverse cultures, traditions, and rural life, Bali, in my opinion, is a better alternative than Greece.

Even though Greece is home to various amazing ancient architectures and museums, it is still a modern European society. When it comes to Bali, Hinduism is a major religion, where culture and religion are a very important part of the daily lives of people. As a result, you will note that Bali’s culture pervades every aspect of their society.

Bali is home to more than 20000 old temples, eastern spirituality, traditional Balinese markets, and sacred rivers. I find Balinese culture to be really fascinating because it has been influenced by a multitude of cultures, including Indian, Chinese, and Indonesian influences.

Consequently, Bali is an excellent choice if you or your partner enjoy learning about different cultures.

Winner: Bali

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Bali or Greece for Honeymoon: Nightlife

Bali vs Greece Nightlife

When it comes to nightlife Bali is the clear winner. It doesn’t mean that Greece is not good for nightlife.

Indeed, Greece’s prominent tourist spots such as Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos are world-famous for their lively nightclubs.

However, Bali is way ahead of Greece in terms of nightlife. Bali is a wild party destination. Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak are the nightlife hotspots in Bali and are densely packed with pubs, clubs, live DJs, and beach bar locations.

Winner: Bali

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  1. When was the article written? And what destinations do you have visited. Greece is a whole country and Bali just a small island of Indonesia….

    In 2022 I can’t agree the budget argument. Greece is except of a few super expensive greek islands equal to bali. But for European tourist’s the flight costs will make the biggest difference.
    So for Australians Bali is definitely more budget than greece.

    Nearly every greek beach has the blue flag. The bali beaches are compared to the most Greek beaches dirty and people throwing waste feeling like into everywhere.

    Diving and surfing goes to bali. But windsurfing, waterski, Kitesurfing and other Watersports goes 100% to greece!

    Nightlife? Party on Bali is almost only for young people and hipsters. (Canggu, kuta and semeniak.) But to find something else is different. That’s why Greece totally wins this competition. Nearly every beachbar makes party due Summertime. There are many classic concerts, greek world famous folkloric music styles. And of cause biggest names of club music play frequently on Mykonos , crete, Athens Thessaloniki.. and and and. The list is long. But to be fair . There are also ceremonies on bali… But tbh you can’t coubt them to Nightlife…

    Traffic: in the typical spots the traffic is a real mess on bali . It takes you often more than one hour to drive 10 kilometres. If you want to make a trip about more than 20 km to see 2 or 3 spots you need to take a new stay for the night .

    Bali has very beautiful spots . But with every year Balinese people destroy more and more of this beauty. Thats sad. I can’t recommend after 2022 bali anyone in any case (except of surfing and Diving) before Greece.
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